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1. wafer

a small adhesive disk of paste; used to seal letters

2. wafer

a small thin crisp cake or cookie

3. wafer

thin disk of unleavened bread used in a religious service (especially in the celebration of the Eucharist)

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of wafer
a thin crisp sweetened biscuit with different flavourings, served with ice cream, etc
2. Christianity
a thin disc of unleavened bread used in the Eucharist as celebrated by the Western Church
3. pharmacology
an envelope of rice paper enclosing a medicament
4. electronics
a large single crystal of semiconductor material, such as silicon, on which numerous integrated circuits are manufactured and then separated
a small thin disc of adhesive material used to seal letters, documents, etc
6. (transitive)
to seal, fasten, or attach with a wafer

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see synonyms of wafer
a thin, flat, crisp cracker or cookie
anything resembling this, as a thin, flat disk of candy
a piece of Eucharistic bread, specif., a thin, flat, white, typically round and unleavened piece of such bread, made from wheat
a small adhesive disk, as of paper, dried paste, gelatin, etc., used as a seal on letters, documents, etc.
a thin piece of a semiconductor on which integrated circuits are formed, as to create chips
verb transitive
to seal, close, attach, or fasten with a wafer or wafers

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see synonyms of wafer
1. A small, thin, crisp cake, biscuit, or candy.
2. Ecclesiastical A small thin disk of unleavened bread used in the Eucharist.
3. Pharmacology A flat, tablet of rice paper or dried flour paste encasing a powdered drug.
4. A small disk of adhesive material used as a seal for papers.
5. Electronics A small, thin circular slice of a semiconducting material, such as pure silicon, on which an integrated circuit can be formed.
tr.v. wa·fered, wa·fer·ing, wa·fers
1. To seal or fasten together with a disk of adhesive material.
2. Pharmacology To prepare in the form of wafers.
3. Electronics To divide into wafers.

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