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1. bundle, package, packet, parcel

a collection of things wrapped or boxed together

2. package, parcel

a wrapped container

3. computer software, package, software, software package, software program, software system

(computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory

Example Sentences:
'the market for software is expected to expand'


4. box, package

put into a box

Example Sentences:
'box the gift, please'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of package
any wrapped or boxed object or group of objects
a proposition, offer, or thing for sale in which separate items are offered together as a single or inclusive unit
(as modifier)
a package holiday
a package deal
a complete unit consisting of a number of component parts sold separately
the act or process of packing or packaging
5. computing
a set of programs designed for a specific type of problem in statistics, production control, etc, making it unnecessary for a separate program to be written for each problem
6. US and Canadian another word for pack1 (sense 8)
verb (transitive)
to wrap in or put into a package
to design and produce a package for (retail goods)
to group (separate items) together as a single unit
to compile (complete books) for a publisher to market

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see synonyms of package
1.  Obsolete
the act or process of packing
a wrapped or boxed thing or group of things; parcel
a container, wrapping, etc., esp. one in which a commodity is packed for sale
4.  US
a number of items, plans, etc. offered or proposed as an inseparable unit
a self-contained component or unit, usually one that is already assembled
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈpackaged or ˈpackaging US
to wrap or box, as for transporting, carrying, etc.
to wrap or seal (a commodity) in a container, wrappings, etc. designed to attract purchasers
to otherwise offer in an attractive or enticing way as for commercial consumption
to package a political candidate
to put together or offer as a unit
adjective US
designating or of a plan, offer, etc. by which a number of items are offered as an inseparable unit
package deal, package tour

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see synonyms of package
1. A wrapped or boxed object; a parcel: A package arrived in the mail.
2. A container or wrapping in which something is stored, transported, or sold: had trouble opening the package.
3. A commodity, such as food, contained in a package and sold as a unit: a package of peanuts.
4. A combination of items considered, offered, or sold as a unit: a vacation travel package.
5. Vulgar Slang A man's genitals.
tr.v. pack·aged, pack·ag·ing, pack·ag·es
1. To place into a package or make a package of.
2. To present or publicize in a certain way: packaged his life story as a romance with a happy ending.
3. To consider, offer, or sell as a unit: packaged the furniture and the TV at a sale price.

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