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Define Obsessive-compulsive in English

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Meaning of Obsessive-compulsive in English

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Obsessive-compulsive pronunciation in English

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1. obsessive-compulsive

a person with obsessive-compulsive characteristics


2. obsessive-compulsive

characterized by obsessions and compulsions

Example Sentences:
'obsessive-compulsive neurosis'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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designating or of a mental disorder, esp. a neurosis, characterized by compulsive thoughts or actions, irresistible urges, etc., that are unwanted and uncontrollable and interfere with work, social activity, and personal relationships, and often appear as repeated, somewhat ritualistic performances of certain acts
a person who is obsessive-compulsive

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see synonyms of obsessive-compulsive
Abbr. OCD A psychiatric disorder characterized by the presence of either obsessions (repeated, unwanted, often distressing thoughts), or compulsions (the feeling of being driven to repeatedly perform certain behaviors or mental activities), or both, with the symptoms being severe enough to impair normal functioning.

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