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1. lacquer

a black resinous substance obtained from certain trees and used as a natural varnish

2. lacquer

a hard glossy coating


3. lacquer

coat with lacquer

Example Sentences:
'A lacquered box from China'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of lacquer
a hard glossy coating made by dissolving cellulose derivatives or natural resins in a volatile solvent
a black resinous substance, obtained from certain trees, used to give a hard glossy finish to wooden furniture
3.  lacquer tree
4. Also called: hair lacquer
a mixture of shellac and alcohol for spraying onto the hair to hold a style in place
5. art
decorative objects coated with such lacquer, often inlaid
6. (transitive)
to apply lacquer to

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see synonyms of lacquer
a coating substance consisting of resinous materials, as cellulose esters or ethers, shellac, or gum or alkyd resins, dissolved in ethyl alcohol or other solvent that evaporates rapidly on application, leaving a tough, adherent film: pigments are often added to form lacquer enamels
a resinous varnish obtained from certain Chinese and Japanese trees (esp. Toxicodendron verniciflua) of the cashew family, used to give a hard, smooth, highly polished finish to wood
a decorative article or articles made of wood and coated with this lacquer
: in full ˈlacquerˌware, ˈlacquerˌwork
verb transitive
to coat with or as with lacquer

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see synonyms of lacquer
1. Any of various clear or colored synthetic coatings made by dissolving nitrocellulose or other cellulose derivatives together with plasticizers and pigments in a mixture of volatile solvents and used to impart a high gloss to surfaces.
2. A glossy, resinous material, such as the processed sap of the lacquer tree, used as a surface coating.
3. A finish that is baked onto the inside of food and beverage cans.
tr.v. lac·quered, lac·quer·ing, lac·quers
1. To coat with lacquer.
2. To give a sleek, glossy finish to.

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