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1. lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory

a workplace for the conduct of scientific research

2. laboratory, testing ground

a region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation

Example Sentences:
'the new nation is a testing ground for socioeconomic theories'
'Pakistan is a laboratory for studying the use of American troops to combat terrorism'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -ries
a building or room equipped for conducting scientific research or for teaching practical science
(as modifier)
laboratory equipment
a place where chemicals or medicines are manufactured

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see synonyms of laboratory
nounWord forms: plural ˈlaboraˌtories
a room, building, etc. for scientific experimentation or research
a place for preparing chemicals, drugs, etc.
3.  US
a place where theories, techniques, and methods, as in education or social studies, are tested, analyzed, demonstrated, etc.
a room, often containing special equipment and materials, in which students work to enhance skills, remedy deficiencies, etc. in a particular subject, as a foreign language
a class period during which students perform experiments or work in a laboratory
of or performed in, or as in, a laboratory

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see synonyms of laboratory
n. pl. lab·o·ra·to·ries
a. A room or building equipped for scientific experimentation or research.
b. An academic period devoted to work or study in such a place.
2. A place where drugs and chemicals are manufactured.
3. A place for practice, observation, or testing.

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