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1. kamikaze

a fighter plane used for suicide missions by Japanese pilots in World War II

2. kamikaze

a pilot trained and willing to cause a suicidal crash

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun (often capital)
(in World War II) one of a group of Japanese pilots who performed suicidal missions by crashing their aircraft, loaded with explosives, into an enemy target, esp a ship
an aircraft used for such a mission
3. (modifier)
(of an action) undertaken or (of a person) undertaking an action in the knowledge that it will result in the death of the person performing it in order that maximum damage may be inflicted on an enemy
a kamikaze attack
a kamikaze bomber
4. (modifier)
extremely foolhardy and possibly self-defeating
kamikaze pricing

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of or pertaining to a suicidal attack by a Japanese airplane pilot in WWII
2.  Informal
very reckless, suicidal, etc.
the pilot or airplane in a kamikaze attack
4.  Informal
a person who acts recklessly

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see synonyms of kamikaze
1. A Japanese pilot trained in World War II to make a suicidal crash attack, especially upon a ship.
2. An airplane loaded with explosives to be piloted in a suicide attack.
3. Slang An extremely reckless person who seems to court death.
1. Of or relating to a suicidal air attack: a kamikaze mission.
2. Slang So reckless in behavior or actions as to be suicidal: kamikaze hot rodders.

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