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1. habitually

according to habit or custom

Example Sentences:
'her habitually severe expression'
'he habitually keeps his office door closed'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of habitually
1. (usually prenominal)
done or experienced regularly and repeatedly
the habitual Sunday walk
2. (usually prenominal)
by habit
a habitual drinker
customary; usual
his habitual comment

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see synonyms of habitually
formed or acquired by continual use; done by habit or fixed as a habit; customary
being or doing a certain thing by habit; steady; inveterate
a habitual smoker
much seen, done, or used; usual; frequent

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see synonyms of habitually
a. Done by habit: habitual lying.
b. Being so by habit: a habitual liar. See Synonyms at chronic.
2. Established by long use; usual: my habitual place. See Synonyms at usual.
3. Grammar Designating an action or state that lasts for or is repeated over an extended duration, expressed in English by such means as the simple present tense (She works downtown) and the phrase used to (A factory used to be located at that intersection).

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