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Easing pronunciation in English

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see synonyms of easing


1. easing, moderation, relief

a change for the better

2. alleviation, easement, easing, relief

the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance)

Example Sentences:
'he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of easing
relaxation; the act of making something less severe or rigorous
Doctors insisted on an easing of her rigorous exercise regime.
editorials calling for the easing of sanctions
There will be no easing of current credit restrictions.
Since the interim accord was signed there has been an easing of tension in the area.

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see synonyms of easing
1. The condition of being comfortable or relieved.
a. Freedom from pain, worry, or agitation: Her mind was at ease knowing that the children were safe.
b. Freedom from constraint or embarrassment; naturalness.
a. Freedom from difficulty, hardship, or effort: rose through the ranks with apparent ease.
b. Readiness or dexterity in performance; facility: a pianist who played the sonata with ease.
4. Freedom from financial difficulty; affluence: a life of luxury and ease.
5. A state of rest, relaxation, or leisure: He took his ease by the pond.
v. eased, eas·ing, eas·es
1. To free from pain, worry, or agitation: eased his conscience by returning the stolen money.
a. To lessen the discomfort or pain of: shifted position to ease her back.
b. To alleviate; assuage: prescribed a drug to ease the pain.
3. To give respite from: eased the staff's burden by hiring more people.
4. To slacken the strain, pressure, or tension of; loosen: ease off a cable.
5. To reduce the difficulty or trouble of: eased the entrance requirements.
6. To move or maneuver slowly and carefully: eased the car into a narrow space; eased the director out of office.
1. To lessen, as in discomfort, pressure, or stress: pain that never eased.
2. To move or proceed with little effort: eased through life doing as little as possible.

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