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Confide pronunciation in English

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1. confide

reveal in private; tell confidentially

2. commit, confide, entrust, intrust, trust

confer a trust upon

Example Sentences:
'The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret'
'I commit my soul to God'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of confide
1. (usually foll by in; when tr, may take a clause as object)
to disclose (secret or personal matters) in confidence (to); reveal in private (to)
2. (intransitive; foll by in)
to have complete trust
3. (transitive)
to entrust into another's keeping

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verb intransitiveWord forms: conˈfided or conˈfiding
to trust (in someone), esp. by sharing secrets or discussing private affairs
verb transitive
to tell or talk about as a secret
to confide one's troubles to a friend
to entrust (as a duty, object, or person) to someone

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see synonyms of confide
v. con·fid·ed, con·fid·ing, con·fides
1. To tell (something) in confidence: confided a secret to his friend.
2. To give as a responsibility or put into another's care: confided the task of drafting the report to her assistant.
To disclose private matters in confidence: He knew he could confide in his parents.

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