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1. work

activity directed toward making or doing something

Example Sentences:
'she checked several points needing further work'

2. piece of work, work

a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing

Example Sentences:
'it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works'
'the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work'
'he was indebted to the pioneering work of John Dewey'
'the work of an active imagination'
'erosion is the work of wind or water over time'

3. employment, work

the occupation for which you are paid

Example Sentences:
'he is looking for employment'
'a lot of people are out of work'

4. study, work

applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading)

Example Sentences:
'mastering a second language requires a lot of work'
'no schools offer graduate study in interior design'

5. work

(physics) a manifestation of energy; the transfer of energy from one physical system to another expressed as the product of a force and the distance through which it moves a body in the direction of that force

Example Sentences:
'work equals force times distance'

6. work, workplace

a place where work is done

Example Sentences:
'he arrived at work early today'

7. body of work, oeuvre, work

the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)

Example Sentences:
'he studied the entire Wagnerian oeuvre'
'Picasso's work can be divided into periods'


8. work

exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity

Example Sentences:
'I will work hard to improve my grades'
'she worked hard for better living conditions for the poor'

9. do work, work

be employed

Example Sentences:
'Is your husband working again?'
'My wife never worked'
'Do you want to work after the age of 60?'
'She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money'
'She works as a waitress to put herself through college'

10. act, work

have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected

Example Sentences:
'The voting process doesn't work as well as people thought'
'How does your idea work in practice?'
'This method doesn't work'
'The breaks of my new car act quickly'
'The medicine works only if you take it with a lot of water'

11. function, go, operate, run, work

perform as expected when applied

Example Sentences:
'The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in'
'Does this old car still run well?'
'This old radio doesn't work anymore'

12. process, work, work on

shape, form, or improve a material

Example Sentences:
'work stone into tools'
'process iron'
'work the metal'

13. exercise, work, work out

give a workout to

Example Sentences:
'Some parents exercise their infants'
'My personal trainer works me hard'
'work one's muscles'
'this puzzle will exercise your mind'

14. make, work

proceed along a path

Example Sentences:
'work one's way through the crowd'
'make one's way into the forest'

15. work

operate in a certain place, area, or specialty

Example Sentences:
'She works the night clubs'
'The salesman works the Midwest'
'This artist works mostly in acrylics'

16. work

proceed towards a goal or along a path or through an activity

Example Sentences:
'work your way through every problem or task'
'She was working on her second martini when the guests arrived'
'Start from the bottom and work towards the top'

17. work

move in an agitated manner

Example Sentences:
'His fingers worked with tension'

18. bring, make for, play, work, wreak

cause to happen or to occur as a consequence

Example Sentences:
'I cannot work a miracle'
'wreak havoc'
'bring comments'
'play a joke'
'The rain brought relief to the drought-stricken area'

19. put to work, work

cause to work

Example Sentences:
'he is working his servants hard'

20. crop, cultivate, work

prepare for crops

Example Sentences:
'Work the soil'
'cultivate the land'

21. work

behave in a certain way when handled

Example Sentences:
'This dough does not work easily'
'The soft metal works well'

22. act upon, influence, work

have and exert influence or effect

Example Sentences:
'The artist's work influenced the young painter'
'She worked on her friends to support the political candidate'

23. work

operate in or through

Example Sentences:
'Work the phones'

24. work

cause to operate or function

Example Sentences:
'This pilot works the controls'
'Can you work an electric drill?'

25. work

provoke or excite

Example Sentences:
'The rock musician worked the crowd of young girls into a frenzy'

26. work

gratify and charm, usually in order to influence

Example Sentences:
'the political candidate worked the crowds'

27. forge, form, mold, mould, shape, work

make something, usually for a specific function

Example Sentences:
'She molded the rice balls carefully'
'Form cylinders from the dough'
'shape a figure'
'Work the metal into a sword'

28. work

move into or onto

Example Sentences:
'work the raisins into the dough'
'the student worked a few jokes into his presentation'
'work the body onto the flatbed truck'

29. knead, work

make uniform

Example Sentences:
'knead dough'
'work the clay until it is soft'

30. exploit, work

use or manipulate to one's advantage

Example Sentences:
'He exploit the new taxation system'
'She knows how to work the system'
'he works his parents for sympathy'

31. figure out, lick, puzzle out, solve, work, work out

find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of

Example Sentences:
'did you solve the problem?'
'Work out your problems with the boss'
'this unpleasant situation isn't going to work itself out'
'did you get it?'
'Did you get my meaning?'
'He could not work the math problem'

32. ferment, work

cause to undergo fermentation

Example Sentences:
'We ferment the grapes for a very long time to achieve high alcohol content'
'The vintner worked the wine in big oak vats'

33. ferment, sour, turn, work

go sour or spoil

Example Sentences:
'The milk has soured'
'The wine worked'
'The cream has turned--we have to throw it out'

34. work

arrive at a certain condition through repeated motion

Example Sentences:
'The stitches of the hem worked loose after she wore the skirt many times'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of work
physical or mental effort directed towards doing or making something
paid employment at a job or a trade, occupation, or profession
a duty, task, or undertaking
something done, made, etc, as a result of effort or exertion
a work of art
materials or tasks on which to expend effort or exertion
6.  another word for workmanship (sense 3)
the place, office, etc, where a person is employed
any piece of material that is undergoing a manufacturing operation or process; workpiece
decoration or ornamentation, esp of a specified kind
(in combination)
an engineering structure such as a bridge, building, etc
11. informal
plastic surgery performed for cosmetic reasons
12. physics
the transfer of energy expressed as the product of a force and the distance through which its point of application moves in the direction of the force
. Abbreviation: W, w
a structure, wall, etc, built or used as part of a fortification system
14.  at work
15.  make short work of
16. (modifier)
of, relating to, or used for work
work clothes
a work permit
17. (intransitive)
to exert effort in order to do, make, or perform something
18. (intransitive)
to be employed
19. (transitive)
to carry on operations, activity, etc, in (a place or area)
that sales team works the southern region
20. (transitive)
to cause to labour or toil
he works his men hard
to operate or cause to operate, esp properly or effectively
to work a lathe
that clock doesn't work
22. (transitive)
to till or cultivate (land)
to handle or manipulate or be handled or manipulated
to work dough
to shape, form, or process or be shaped, formed, or processed
to work copper
to reach or cause to reach a specific condition, esp gradually
the rope worked loose
26. (transitive) mainly US and Canadian
to solve (a mathematical problem)
27. (intransitive)
to move in agitation
her face worked with anger
28. (transitive; often foll by up)
to provoke or arouse
to work someone into a frenzy
29. (transitive)
to effect or accomplish
to work one's revenge
to make (one's way) with effort
he worked his way through the crowd
31. (transitive)
to make or decorate by hand in embroidery, tapestry, etc
working a sampler
32. (intransitive)
(of a mechanism) to move in a loose or otherwise imperfect fashion
33. (intransitive)
(of liquids) to ferment, as in brewing
34. (transitive) informal
to manipulate or exploit to one's own advantage
35. (transitive) slang
to cheat or swindle

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers


see synonyms of work
physical or mental effort exerted to do or make something; purposeful activity; labor; toil
employment at a job or in a position
occupation, profession, business, trade, craft, etc.
something one is making, doing, or acting upon, esp. as part of one's occupation or duty; task; undertaking
to bring work home from the office
the amount of this
a day's work
something that has been made or done; result of a specific kind of activity or way of working [to have dental work done, skillful brushwork]
; specif.,
an act; deed
usually used in pl.
a person of good works
b.  [pl.]
collected writings
the works of Poe
c.  [pl.]
engineering structures, as bridges, dams, docks, etc.
a fortification
needlework; embroidery
work of art
material that is being or is to be processed, as in a machine tool, in some state of manufacture
7.  [pl., with sing. v.]
a place where work is done, as a factory, public utility plant, etc.
, often in combination
steelworks, gasworks
manner, style, quality, rate, etc. of working; workmanship
foam due to fermentation, as in cider
the action of, or effect produced by, natural forces
11.  Mechanics
the product of force and the amount of displacement in the direction of that force: it is the means by which energy is transferred from one object or system to another
abbrev. W
12.  [pl.]; Theology
acts done in compliance with religious laws or duties or aimed at fulfilling religious ideals
of, for, or used in work
verb intransitiveWord forms: worked or ˈworking
to exert oneself in order to do or make something; do work; labor; toil
to be employed
to perform its required or expected function; operate or act as specified
to operate effectively; be effectual
a makeshift arrangement that works
to undergo fermentation
to produce results or exert an influence
let it work in their minds
to be manipulated, kneaded, etc.
putty that works easily
to move, proceed, etc. slowly and with or as with difficulty
to move, twitch, etc. as from agitation
his face worked with emotion
to change into a specified condition, as by repeated movement
the door worked loose
23.  Nautical
to strain, as in a storm, so that the fastenings become slack
said of a ship
verb transitive
to cause; bring about; effect
an idea that worked harm
to mold; shape; form
to work silver
to sew, embroider, etc.
to work a sampler
to solve (a mathematical problem, puzzle, etc.)
to draw, paint, carve, etc. (a portrait or likeness)
to manipulate; knead
to work dough
to bring into a specified condition, as by movement back and forth
to work a nail loose
to cultivate (soil)
to cause to function; operate; manage; use
to work a pump
to cause fermentation in
to cause to work
to work a crew hard
to influence; persuade
to work someone around to one's way of thinking
to make (one's way, passage, etc.) by work or effort
to provoke; rouse; excite
to work oneself into a rage
to carry on activity in, along, etc.; cover
a salesman working his territory
39.  Informal
to make use of, esp. by artful contriving
to work one's connections
40.  US, Informal
to use one's influence, charm, etc. on (a person) to gain some profit or advantage
41.  US, Slang
to move through (a crowd or room) greeting people, shaking hands, etc.
said esp. of a politician

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


see synonyms of work
a. Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something: Cleaning the basement was a lot of work.
b. Such effort or activity by which one makes a living; employment: looking for work.
c. A trade, profession, or other means of livelihood: His work is fixing cars.
a. The part of a day devoted to an occupation or undertaking: met her after work.
b. One's place of employment: Should I call you at home or at work?
a. Something that one is doing, making, or performing, especially as an occupation or undertaking; a duty or task: begin the day's work.
b. An amount of such activity either done or required: a week's work.
c. The action or effect of an agency: The antibiotic seems to be doing its work.
a. Something that has been produced or accomplished through the effort, activity, or agency of a person or thing: This scheme was the work of a criminal mastermind. Erosion is the work of wind, water, and time.
b. An act; a deed: "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity" (Ecclesiastes 1:14).
c. An artistic creation, such as a painting, sculpture, or literary or musical composition, or a creative result of other human activity: an early work of Matisse; a scholarly work of great importance.
d. works The output of a writer, artist, or composer considered or collected as a whole: the works of Bach.
a. works Engineering structures, such as bridges or dams.
b. A fortified structure, such as a trench or fortress.
a. Needlework, weaving, lacemaking, or a similar textile art.
b. A piece of such textile art.
7. A material or piece of material being processed in a machine during manufacture: work to be turned in the lathe.
8. works (used with a sing. or pl. verb) A factory, plant, or similar building or complex of buildings where a specific type of business or industry is carried on. Often used in combination: a steelworks.
9. works Internal mechanism: the works of a watch.
10. The manner, style, or quality of working or treatment; workmanship.
11. Abbr. w Physics The transfer of energy from one physical system to another, especially the application of a force to move a body in a certain direction. It is calculated as the product of the force and the distance over which it is applied and is expressed in joules, ergs, and foot-pounds.
12. works Moral or righteous acts or deeds: salvation by faith rather than works.
13. works
a. Informal The full range of possibilities; everything. Used with the: ordered a pizza with the works.
b. Slang A thorough beating or other severe treatment. Used with the: took him outside and gave him the works.
Of, relating to, designed for, or engaged in work.
v. worked also wrought (rôt), work·ing, works
1. To exert oneself physically or mentally in order to do, make, or accomplish something.
2. To be employed; have a job.
a. To function; operate: How does this latch work?
b. To function or operate in the desired or required way: The telephone hasn't worked since the thunderstorm.
a. To have a given effect or outcome: Our friendship works best when we speak our minds.
b. To have the desired effect or outcome; prove successful: This recipe seems to work.
5. To exert an influence. Used with on or upon: worked on her to join the group.
6. To arrive at a specified condition through gradual or repeated movement: The stitches worked loose.
7. To proceed or progress slowly and laboriously: worked through the underbrush; worked through my problems in therapy.
8. To move in an agitated manner, as with emotion: Her mouth worked with fear.
9. To behave in a specified way when handled or processed: Not all metals work easily.
10. To ferment.
11. Nautical
a. To strain in heavy seas so that the joints give slightly and the fastenings become slack. Used of a boat or ship.
b. To sail against the wind.
12. To undergo small motions that result in friction and wear: The gears work against each other.
1. To cause or effect; bring about: working miracles.
2. To cause to operate or function; actuate, use, or manage: worked the controls; can work a lathe.
3. To shape or forge: "Each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor" (Edgar Allan Poe).
4. To make or decorate by needlework: work a sampler.
5. To solve (a problem) by calculation and reasoning.
6. To knead, stir, or otherwise manipulate in preparation: Work the dough before shaping it.
7. To bring to a specified condition by gradual or repeated effort or work: finally worked the window open; worked the slaves to death.
8. To make, achieve, or pay for by work or effort: worked her way to the top; worked his passage on the ship.
9. Informal To arrange or contrive. Often used with it: worked it so that her weekends are free.
10. To make productive; cultivate: work a farm.
11. To cause to work: works his laborers hard.
12. To excite or provoke: worked the mob into a frenzy.
13. Informal
a. To gratify, cajole, or enchant artfully, especially for the purpose of influencing: The politician worked the crowd. The comedian worked the room with flawless rhythm.
b. To use or manipulate to one's own advantage; exploit: learned how to work the system; worked his relatives for sympathy.
14. To carry on an operation or function in or through: the agent who works that area; working the phones for donations.
15. To ferment (liquor, for example).

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