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1. woody

made of or containing or resembling wood

Example Sentences:
'woody plants'
'perennial herbs with woody stems'
'a woody taste'

2. arboraceous, arboreous, woodsy, woody

abounding in trees

Example Sentences:
'an arboreous landscape'
'violets in woodsy shady spots'
'a woody area near the highway'

3. woody

made hard like wood as the result of the deposition of lignin in the cell walls

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of woody
adjectiveWord forms: woodier or woodiest
abounding in or covered with forest or woods
connected with, belonging to, or situated in a wood
consisting of or containing wood or lignin
woody tissue
woody stems
resembling wood in hardness or texture

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see synonyms of woody
adjectiveWord forms: ˈwoodier or ˈwoodiest
covered with trees; wooded
consisting of or forming wood; ligneous
a woody plant
like or characteristic of wood
a woody texture, color, etc.
having the taste or smell of wood from the barrels used to age it
said of wine
noun US
5.  Informal
a station wagon with exterior wood paneling

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see synonyms of woody
adj. wood·i·er, wood·i·est
1. Forming or consisting of wood; ligneous: woody tissue.
2. Marked by the presence of wood or xylem: woody plants.
3. Characteristic or suggestive of wood: a woody smell.
4. Abounding in trees; wooded.
n. also wood·ie (wdē) pl. wood·ies
1. A station wagon with exterior wood paneling.
2. Vulgar Slang An erection of the penis.

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