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1. wend

direct one's course or way

Example Sentences:
'wend your way through the crowds'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of wend
to direct (one's course or way); travel
wend one's way home
(esp in medieval European history) a Sorb; a member of the Slavonic people who inhabited the area between the Rivers Saale and Oder in the early Middle Ages and were conquered by Germanic invaders by the 12th century
See also Lusatia

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see synonyms of wend
Lusatian (sense 1)
verb transitive
to proceed or go on (one's way)
verb intransitive
2.  Archaic
to go; journey; travel

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see synonyms of wend
1. Any of a group of Slavic peoples formerly inhabiting much of what is now eastern Germany and western Poland, especially the present-day Sorbs.
2. Any of various other non-Germanic peoples living in central Europe during late antiquity and the Middle Ages.
v. wend·ed, wend·ing, wends
To proceed on or along; go: wend one's way home.
To go one's way; proceed.

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