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1. wear

impairment resulting from long use

Example Sentences:
'the tires showed uneven wear'

2. article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, vesture, wear, wearable

a covering designed to be worn on a person's body

3. wear, wearing

the act of having on your person as a covering or adornment

Example Sentences:
'she bought it for everyday wear'


4. have on, wear

be dressed in

Example Sentences:
'She was wearing yellow that day'

5. bear, wear

have on one's person

Example Sentences:
'He wore a red ribbon'
'bear a scar'

6. wear

have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality

Example Sentences:
'He always wears a smile'

7. wear, wear down, wear off, wear out, wear thin

deteriorate through use or stress

Example Sentences:
'The constant friction wore out the cloth'

8. wear

have or show an appearance of

Example Sentences:
'wear one's hair in a certain way'

9. endure, hold out, wear

last and be usable

Example Sentences:
'This dress wore well for almost ten years'

10. break, bust, fall apart, wear, wear out

go to pieces

Example Sentences:
'The lawn mower finally broke'
'The gears wore out'
'The old chair finally fell apart completely'

11. fag, fag out, fatigue, jade, outwear, tire, tire out, wear, wear down, wear out, wear upon, weary

exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress

Example Sentences:
'We wore ourselves out on this hike'

12. assume, don, get into, put on, wear

put clothing on one's body

Example Sentences:
'What should I wear today?'
'He put on his best suit for the wedding'
'The princess donned a long blue dress'
'The queen assumed the stately robes'
'He got into his jeans'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of wear
verbWord forms: wears, wearing, wore or worn
1. (transitive)
to carry or have (a garment, etc) on one's person as clothing, ornament, etc
2. (transitive)
to carry or have on one's person habitually
she wears a lot of red
3. (transitive)
to have in one's aspect
to wear a smile
4. (transitive)
to display, show, or fly
a ship wears its colours
to deteriorate or cause to deteriorate by constant use or action
to produce or be produced by constant rubbing, scraping, etc
to wear a hole in one's trousers
to bring or be brought to a specified condition by constant use or action
to wear a tyre to shreds
8. (intransitive)
to submit to constant use or action in a specified way
his suit wears well
9. (transitive)
to harass or weaken
10. (when intr, often foll by on)
(of time) to pass or be passed slowly
11. (transitive) British slang
to accept
Larry won't wear that argument
12.  wear ship
the act of wearing or state of being worn
anything designed to be worn
leisure wear
(in combination)
deterioration from constant or normal use or action
the quality of resisting the effects of constant use
verbWord forms: wears, wearing, wore or worn
to tack by gybing instead of by going through stays
a river in NE England, rising in NW Durham and flowing southeast then northeast to the North Sea at Sunderland. Length: 105 km (65 miles)

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see synonyms of wear
river in Durham, N England, flowing northeast into the North Sea: 67 mi (108 km)
verb transitiveWord forms: wore, worn, ˈwearing
to have on the body or carry on the person (clothing, jewelry, a weapon, etc.)
to hold the position or rank symbolized by
to wear the heavyweight crown
to dress in (a specified kind of attire) so as to be in style
what college students are wearing this fall
to have or show in one's expression or appearance
to wear a smile, wearing an air of expectancy
to be fitted with or have on the person habitually
to wear dentures
to have or bear as a characteristic or attribute
to wear a beard, to wear one's hair long
to fly or show (its flag)
said of a ship
to impair, consume, or diminish as by constant use, handling, or friction
often with away
to bring by use to a specified state
to wear a coat to rags
to make, cause, or produce by the friction of rubbing, scraping, flowing, etc.
to wear a hole in the sole of one's shoe
to tire or exhaust (a person)
to pass (time) slowly or tediously
often with away or out
verb intransitive
to become impaired, consumed, or diminished by constant use, friction, etc.
shoes that have begun to wear
to hold up in use as specified; bear continued use or handling; last
a suit that wears well
to become in time; grow gradually
courage that is wearing thin
to pass away gradually
often with away or on: said of time [the year wore on]
to have an irritating or exhausting effect (on)
noise wearing on our nerves
the act of wearing or the state of being worn
things, esp. clothes, worn, or for wearing, on the body [children's wear]
often in combination [sportswear, footwear]
the fashion or proper style of dress or the like
the gradual impairment, loss, or diminution from use, friction, etc.
the amount of such loss
the ability to resist impairment or loss from use, friction, etc.
a lot of wear left in the tire
verb transitiveWord forms: wore, worn, ˈwearing
to turn or bring (a vessel) about by swinging its bow away from the wind; veer
see also tack (sense 12) tack (sense 12a)
verb intransitive
to turn or come about by having the bow swung away from the wind
the act of wearing a ship

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


see synonyms of wear
v. wore (wôr), worn (wôrn), wear·ing, wears
1. To carry or have on one's person as covering, adornment, or protection: wearing a jacket; must wear a seat belt.
2. To carry or have habitually on one's person, especially as an aid: wears glasses.
3. To display in one's appearance: always wears a smile.
4. To bear, carry, or maintain in a particular manner: wears her hair long.
5. To fly or display (colors). Used of a ship, jockey, or knight.
6. To damage, diminish, erode, or consume by long or hard use, attrition, or exposure. Often used with away, down, or off: rocks worn away by the sea; shoes worn down at the heels.
7. To produce by constant use, attrition, or exposure: eventually wore hollows in the stone steps.
8. To bring to a specified condition by long use or attrition: wore the clothes to rags; pebbles worn smooth.
9. To fatigue, weary, or exhaust: Your incessant criticism has worn my patience.
10. Nautical To make (a sailing ship) come about with the wind aft.
a. To last under continual or hard use: a fabric that will wear.
b. To last through the passage of time: a friendship that wears well.
2. To break down or diminish through use or attrition: The rear tires began to wear.
3. To pass gradually or tediously: The hours wore on.
4. Nautical To come about with stern to windward.
1. The act of wearing or the state of being worn; use: This shirt is ideal for wear in sultry climates.
2. Clothing, especially of a particular kind or for a particular use. Often used in combination: rainwear; footwear.
3. Damage resulting from use or age: The rug shows plenty of wear.
4. The ability to withstand impairment from use or attrition: The engine has plenty of wear left.

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