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1. walk, walking

the act of traveling by foot

Example Sentences:
'walking is a healthy form of exercise'

2. base on balls, pass, walk

(baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls

Example Sentences:
'he worked the pitcher for a base on balls'

3. manner of walking, walk

manner of walking

Example Sentences:
'he had a funny walk'

4. walk

the act of walking somewhere

Example Sentences:
'he took a walk after lunch'

5. paseo, walk, walkway

a path set aside for walking

Example Sentences:
'after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk'

6. walk

a slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground

7. walk, walk of life

careers in general

Example Sentences:
'it happens in all walks of life'


8. walk

use one's feet to advance; advance by steps

Example Sentences:
'Walk, don't run!'
'We walked instead of driving'
'She walks with a slight limp'
'The patient cannot walk yet'
'Walk over to the cabinet'

9. walk

accompany or escort

Example Sentences:
'I'll walk you to your car'

10. walk

obtain a base on balls

11. walk

traverse or cover by walking

Example Sentences:
'Walk the tightrope'
'Paul walked the streets of Damascus'
'She walks 3 miles every day'

12. walk

give a base on balls to

13. walk

live or behave in a specified manner

Example Sentences:
'walk in sadness'

14. walk

be or act in association with

Example Sentences:
'We must walk with our dispossessed brothers and sisters'
'Walk with God'

15. walk

walk at a pace

Example Sentences:
'The horses walked across the meadow'

16. walk

make walk

Example Sentences:
'He walks the horse up the mountain'
'Walk the dog twice a day'

17. take the air, walk

take a walk; go for a walk; walk for pleasure

Example Sentences:
'The lovers held hands while walking'
'We like to walk every Sunday'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of walk
1. (intransitive)
to move along or travel on foot at a moderate rate; advance in such a manner that at least one foot is always on the ground
2. (transitive)
to pass through, on, or over on foot, esp habitually
3. (transitive)
to cause, assist, or force to move along at a moderate rate
to walk a dog
4. (transitive)
to escort or conduct by walking
to walk someone home
5. (intransitive)
(of ghosts, spirits, etc) to appear or move about in visible form
(of inanimate objects) to move or cause to move in a manner that resembles walking
7. (intransitive)
to follow a certain course or way of life
to walk in misery
8. (transitive)
to bring into a certain condition by walking
I walked my shoes to shreds
9. (transitive)
to measure, survey, or examine by walking
10. (transitive) baseball
to allow a batter to go to first base without batting by throwing four balls outside of the strike zone
11. Also: travel (intransitive) basketball
to take more than two steps without passing or dribbling the ball
to disappear or be stolen
where's my pencil? It seems to have walked
13. (intransitive) slang, mainly US
(in a court of law) to be acquitted or given a noncustodial sentence
14.  walk it
15.  walk on air
16.  walk tall
17.  walk the plank
18.  walk the streets
19.  walk the walk
the act or an instance of walking
the distance or extent walked
a manner of walking; gait
a place set aside for walking; promenade
a chosen profession or sphere of activity (esp in the phrase walk of life)
a foot race in which competitors walk
an arrangement of trees or shrubs in widely separated rows
the space between such rows
an enclosed ground for the exercise or feeding of domestic animals, esp horses
28. mainly British
the route covered in the course of work, as by a tradesman or postman
a procession; march
a protest walk
30. obsolete
the section of a forest controlled by a keeper

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see synonyms of walk
verb intransitive
to go along or move about on foot at a moderate pace
; specif.,
to move by placing one foot firmly before lifting the other, as two-legged creatures do, or by placing two feet firmly before lifting either of the others, as four-legged creatures do
to go about on foot for exercise or pleasure; hike
to return after death and appear on earth as a ghost
to advance or move in a manner suggestive of walking
said of inanimate objects
to follow a certain course of life; conduct oneself in a certain way
let us walk in peace
to join with others in a cooperative action, a cause, etc.
5.  Obsolete
to be active or in motion, or to keep moving
6.  US, Slang
to be acquitted or set free without punishment: usually connoting a belief in the accused person's guilt
7.  US, Slang
to go on strike
to leave abruptly, often in anger or in a show of protest
8.  US, Baseball
to be advanced to first base as a result of being pitched four balls that do not enter the strike zone
9.  US, Basketball
verb transitive
to go through, over, or along at a moderate pace on foot
to walk the deck, the streets, etc.
to traverse (a boundary, fence, etc.) on foot in order to survey, inspect, or repair
to cause (a horse, dog, etc.) to move at a walk; lead, ride, or drive at a walk
to train and exercise (a horse, dog, etc.) in this way
to push (a bicycle, motorcycle, etc.) while walking alongside or behind
to accompany (a person) on a walk or stroll
to walk a friend home
to force (a person) to move at a walk, as by grasping the shoulders and pushing
to help (a disabled person) to walk
to bring (a person or animal) to a specified state by walking
to walk someone to exhaustion
to move (a bulky or heavy object) by rocking along from one side or corner to another in a manner suggestive of walking
18.  US, Baseball
to advance (a batter) to first base by pitching four balls that do not enter the strike zone
to force (a run) in by doing this when the bases are loaded
the act of walking
a period or course of walking for pleasure or exercise; stroll or hike
a route traversed by walking
a distance walked, often in terms of the time required
an hour's walk from home
a relatively slow pace
a manner of walking
to know someone by his walk
a particular station in life, sphere of activity, occupation, etc.
people from all walks of life
26.  Rare
mode of living
a path, avenue, etc. specially prepared or set apart for walking; specif., sidewalk
a plantation of trees in rows with a space between
the space between any two such rows
a place or enclosure for grazing or exercising animals, as a sheepwalk
31.  British
the route covered in one's round of duty or work, as in delivering mail
a race between walking contestants: in this sport, the heel of each foot must touch the ground before the toe does
33.  US, Baseball
the act or an instance of walking a batter or of being walked

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see synonyms of walk
v. walked, walk·ing, walks
1. To move over a surface by taking steps with the feet at a pace slower than a run: a baby learning to walk; a horse walking around a riding ring.
a. To go or travel on foot: walked to the store.
b. To go on foot for pleasure or exercise; stroll: walked along the beach looking for shells.
c. To move in a manner suggestive of walking: saw a woodpecker walking up the tree trunk.
3. To conduct oneself or behave in a particular manner; live: walks in majesty and pride.
4. To appear as a supernatural being: The specter of famine walks through the land.
5. Informal
a. To go out on strike.
b. To resign from one's job abruptly; quit.
c. To be acquitted: The alleged killer walked.
a. Baseball To go to first base after the pitcher has thrown four pitches ruled as balls.
b. Basketball To move illegally while holding the ball; travel.
7. Obsolete To be in constant motion.
1. To go or pass over, on, or through by walking: walk the financial district of a city.
2. To bring to a specified condition by walking: They walked me to exhaustion.
3. To cause to walk or proceed at a walk: walk a horse uphill.
4. To accompany in walking; escort on foot: walk the children home; walked me down the hall.
5. To traverse on foot in order to survey or measure; pace off: walked the bounds of the property.
6. To move (a heavy or cumbersome object) in a manner suggestive of walking: walked the bureau into the hall.
7. Baseball
a. To allow (a batter) to go to first base by throwing four pitches ruled as balls.
b. To cause (a run) to score by walking a batter. Often used with in.
a. The gait of a human or other biped in which the feet are lifted alternately with one part of a foot always on the ground.
b. The gait of a quadruped in which at least two feet are always touching the ground, especially the gait of a horse in which the feet touch the ground in the four-beat sequence of near hind foot, near forefoot, off hind foot, off forefoot.
c. The self-controlled extravehicular movement in space of an astronaut.
2. The act or an instance of walking, especially a stroll for pleasure or exercise.
a. The rate at which one walks; a walking pace.
b. The characteristic way in which one walks.
4. The distance covered or to be covered in walking.
5. A place, such as a sidewalk or promenade, on which one may walk.
6. A route or circuit particularly suitable for walking: one of the prettiest walks in the area.
a. Baseball A base on balls.
b. Basketball The act or an instance of moving illegally with the ball; traveling.
8. Sports
a. A track event in which contestants compete in walking a specified distance.
b. Racewalking.
9. An enclosed area designated for the exercise or pasture of livestock.
a. An arrangement of trees or shrubs planted in widely spaced rows.
b. The space between such rows.

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