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1. otto wagner, wagner

Austrian architect and pioneer of modern architecture (1841-1918)

2. richard wagner, wagner, wilhelm richard wagner

German composer of operas and inventor of the musical drama in which drama and spectacle and music are fused (1813-1883)

3. wagner

the music of Wagner

Example Sentences:
'they say that Hitler listened only to Wagner'

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Otto. 1841–1918, Austrian architect, whose emphasis on function and structure in such buildings as the Post Office Savings Bank, Vienna (1904–06), influenced the development of modern architecture
(Wilhelm) Richard (ˈrɪçart). 1813–83, German romantic composer noted chiefly for his invention of the music drama. His cycle of four such dramas The Ring of the Nibelung was produced at his own theatre in Bayreuth in 1876. His other operas include Tannhäuser (1845; revised 1861), Tristan and Isolde (1865), and Parsifal (1882)

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ˈ(Wilhelm) Richard (ˈʀɪçɑʀt) ; riHˈärt) 1813-83; Ger. composer

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see synonyms of wagner
American baseball player who during his 21-year career (1897-1917) was consistently among the National League's best batters.
German composer known especially for his romantic operas, often based on Germanic legends. Among his works are Tannhäuser (1845) and the tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen (1853-1876).

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