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1. bet, wager

the act of gambling

Example Sentences:
'he did it on a bet'

2. bet, stake, stakes, wager

the money risked on a gamble


3. bet, play, wager

stake on the outcome of an issue

Example Sentences:
'I bet $100 on that new horse'
'She played all her money on the dark horse'

4. bet, wager

maintain with or as if with a bet

Example Sentences:
'I bet she will be there!'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of wager
an agreement or pledge to pay an amount of money as a result of the outcome of an unsettled matter
an amount staked on the outcome of such a matter or event
3.  wager of battle
4.  wager of law
5. (when tr, may take a clause as object)
to risk or bet (something) on the outcome of an unsettled matter
6. (transitive) history
to pledge oneself to (battle)

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see synonyms of wager
bet1 (sense 1) bet1 (sense 2)
2.  Archaic
a pledge to do something or abide by an outcome
esp. in wager of battle, a challenge by a defendant to prove his innocence by personal combat
verb transitive, verb intransitive

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see synonyms of wager
a. An agreement under which each bettor pledges a certain amount to the other depending on the outcome of an unsettled matter.
b. A matter bet on; a gamble.
2. Something that is staked on an uncertain outcome; a bet: a wager of $20.
3. Archaic A pledge of personal combat to resolve an issue or case.
v. wa·gered, wa·ger·ing, wa·gers
To risk or stake (an amount or possession) on an uncertain outcome; bet.
To make a bet.

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