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1. shadow, tincture, trace, vestige

an indication that something has been present

Example Sentences:
'there wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim'
'a tincture of condescension'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of vestige
a small trace, mark, or amount; hint
a vestige of truth
no vestige of the meal
2. biology
an organ or part of an organism that is a small nonfunctioning remnant of a functional organ in an ancestor

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see synonyms of vestige
a trace, mark, or sign of something that once existed but has passed away or disappeared
vestiges of the ancient wall
a trace; bit
not a vestige of hope left
3.  Biology
a degenerate, atrophied, or rudimentary organ or part, more fully developed or functional in an earlier stage of development of the individual or species
: also vesˈtigium (vɛsˈtɪdʒiəm ; vestijˈēəm) Word forms: plural vesˈtigia (vɛsˈtɪdʒiə ; vestijˈēə; vɛsˈtɪdʒə ; vestijˈə)

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see synonyms of vestige
1. A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more: a building that is the area's last vestige of its colonial era.
2. Biology A rudimentary or degenerate, usually nonfunctioning, structure that is the remnant of an organ or part that was fully developed or functioning in a preceding generation or an earlier stage of development.

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