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1. vacuity, vacuum

the absence of matter

2. vacuity, vacuum

a region that is devoid of matter

3. inanity, mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacuity

total lack of meaning or ideas

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -ties
the state or quality of being vacuous; emptiness
an empty space or void; vacuum
a lack or absence of something specified
a vacuity of wind
lack of normal intelligence or awareness; vacancy
his stare gave an impression of complete vacuity
something, such as a statement, saying, etc, that is inane or pointless
(in customs terminology) the difference in volume between the actual contents of a container and its full capacity

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see synonyms of vacuity
nounWord forms: plural vaˈcuities
the quality or state of being empty; emptiness
an empty space; void or vacuum
emptiness of mind; lack of intelligence, interest, or thought
an inane or senseless thing, remark, or quality; inanity

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see synonyms of vacuity
n. pl. vac·u·i·ties
1. Total absence of matter; emptiness.
2. An empty space; a vacuum.
3. Total lack of ideas; emptiness of mind.
4. Absence of meaningful occupation; idleness: "the crew, being patient people, much given to slumber and vacuity" (Washington Irving).
5. The quality or fact of being devoid of something specified: a vacuity of taste; a vacuity of emotions.
6. Something, especially a remark, that is pointless or inane: a conversation full of vacuities.

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