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1. vacancy

being unoccupied

2. emptiness, vacancy, vacuum, void

an empty area or space

Example Sentences:
'the huge desert voids'
'the emptiness of outer space'
'without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of vacancy
noun plural -cies
the state or condition of being vacant or unoccupied; emptiness
an unoccupied post or office
we have a vacancy in the accounts department
an unoccupied room in a boarding house, hotel, etc
put the "No Vacancies" sign in the window
lack of thought or intelligent awareness; inanity
an expression of vacancy on one's face
5. physics
a defect in a crystalline solid caused by the absence of an atom, ion, or molecule from its position in the crystal lattice
6. obsolete
idleness or a period spent in idleness

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see synonyms of vacancy
nounWord forms: plural ˈvacancies
the state of being vacant, or empty; emptiness
empty space
a vacant space; gap, blank, opening, etc.
the state of being empty in mind; lack of intelligence, interest, or thought; vacuity
4.  Rare
the state of being free from work, activity, etc.; idleness
an unoccupied position or office; unfilled post, situation, or job
untenanted quarters, as in a hotel
7.  Physics
a lattice defect in a crystal due to a displaced or missing ion or atom

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see synonyms of vacancy
n. pl. va·can·cies
1. The condition of being vacant or unoccupied.
2. An empty or unoccupied space.
3. A position, office, or place of accommodation that is unfilled or unoccupied.
4. Emptiness of mind; inanity.
5. A crystal defect caused by the absence of an atom, ion, or molecule in a crystal lattice.
6. Archaic A period of leisure; idleness.

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