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1. overweening, uppity

presumptuously arrogant

Example Sentences:
'had a witty but overweening manner'
'no idea how overweening he would be'
'getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down'

Based on WordNet 3.0, Princeton University


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adjective informal
not yielding easily to persuasion or control
2.  another word for uppish

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see synonyms of uppity
inclined to be haughty, arrogant, snobbish, etc.

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see synonyms of uppity
1. Haughty or presumptuous, especially for one's rank or social standing: "At Vassar the girls she knew were better dressed than she was and had uppity finishing school manners" (John Dos Passos).
2. Not complacent or deferential; strongly self-assertive: "Even those who'd mastered the broom, Andrew Carnegie said ... needed to get a little uppity at some point" (Megan Hustad).

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