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1. undercoat, underseal

seal consisting of a coating of a tar or rubberlike material on the underside of a motor vehicle to retard corrosion

2. flat coat, ground, primer, primer coat, priming, priming coat, undercoat

the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

3. undercoat, underfur

thick soft fur lying beneath the longer and coarser guard hair


4. ground, prime, undercoat

cover with a primer; apply a primer to

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of undercoat
a coat of paint or other substance applied before the top coat
a coat worn under an overcoat
3. zoology another name for underfur
4.  the US name for underseal
5. (transitive)
to apply an undercoat to (a surface)

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see synonyms of undercoat
1.  Obsolete
a coat worn under another
an under layer of short hair in an animal's coat
a coating as of tarlike material applied to the exposed underside of a motor vehicle to deaden noise, retard rust, etc.
a coat of paint, varnish, etc. applied as a first coat or before the final coat
Also for undercoat (sense 3) undercoat (sense 4)
verb transitive
to apply an undercoat to

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see synonyms of undercoat
1. A coat worn beneath another coat.
2. A covering of short hairs lying underneath the longer outer hairs of an animal's coat.
3. also un·der·coat·ing (-kōtĭng)
a. A coat of sealing material applied to a surface before the outer coats, as of paint, are applied.
b. The sealing material used for this purpose.
c. A tarlike substance sprayed on the underside of a vehicle to prevent rusting.
tr.v. un·der·coat·ed, un·der·coat·ing, un·der·coats
To apply an undercoat to.

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