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1. flight, trajectory

the path followed by an object moving through space

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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noun plural -ries
the path described by an object moving in air or space under the influence of such forces as thrust, wind resistance, and gravity, esp the curved path of a projectile
2. geometry
a curve that cuts a family of curves or surfaces at a constant angle

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nounWord forms: plural traˈjectories
the curved path of something hurtling through space, esp. that of a projectile from the time it leaves the muzzle of the gun
2.  Ancient Mathematics
a curve or surface that passes through all the curves of a given family at the same angle
a curve or surface that fits a particular law such as passing through a given set of points

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see synonyms of trajectory
n. pl. tra·jec·to·ries
a. The path of a projectile or other moving body through space.
b. A chosen or taken course: "What died with [the assassinated leaders] was a moral trajectory, a style of aspiration" (Lance Morrow).
2. Mathematics A curve that cuts all of a given family of curves or surfaces at the same angle.

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