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Meaning of Talk Down in English

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Talk Down pronunciation in English

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Talk Down

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1. talk down

belittle through talk

2. talk down

speak in a condescending manner, as if to a child

Example Sentences:
'He talks down to her'

3. talk down

direct and control (the flight of an airplane during landing) via radio

Example Sentences:
'the control tower talked down the plane whose pilot fell ill'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Talk Down

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verb (adverb)
1. (intransitive; often foll by to)
to behave (towards) in a superior or haughty manner
2. (transitive)
to override (a person or argument) by continuous or loud talking
3. (transitive)
to give instructions to (an aircraft) by radio to enable it to land

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Talk Down

see synonyms of talk down
to silence by talking louder, longer, or more effectively than
to aid (a pilot) in landing by giving spoken instructions

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

Talk Down

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v. talked, talk·ing, talks
a. To exchange thoughts or opinions in spoken or sign language; converse: We talked for hours. See Synonyms at speak.
b. To utter or pronounce words: The baby can talk.
c. To imitate the sounds of human speech: The parrot talks.
a. To express one's thoughts or emotions by means of spoken language: The candidate talked about the pros and cons of the issue.
b. To convey one's thoughts in a way other than by spoken words: talk with one's hands.
c. To express one's thoughts or feelings in writing: Voltaire talks about London in this book.
d. Usage Problem To convey information in text: The article talks about the latest fashions.
a. To negotiate with someone; parley: Let's talk instead of fighting.
b. To consult or confer with someone: I talked with the doctor.
4. To spread rumors; gossip: If you do that, people will talk.
5. To allude to something: Are you talking about last week?
6. To reveal information concerning oneself or others, especially under pressure: Has the prisoner talked?
7. Informal To be efficacious: Money talks.
1. To utter or pronounce (words): Their son is talking sentences now.
a. To speak about or discuss (something) or give expression to (something): talk business; talk treason.
b. Used to emphasize the extent or seriousness of something being mentioned: The police found money in the car. We're talking significant amounts of money.
3. To speak or know how to speak (a language or a language variety): The passenger talked French with the flight crew. Can you talk the local dialect?
4. To cause (someone) to be in a certain state or to do something by talking: They talked me into coming.
1. An exchange of ideas or opinions; a conversation: We had a nice talk over lunch.
2. A speech or lecture: He gave a talk on art.
3. Hearsay, rumor, or speculation: There is talk of bankruptcy.
4. A subject of conversation: a musical that is the talk of the town.
5. often talks A conference or negotiation: peace talks.
a. A particular manner of speech: baby talk; honeyed talk.
b. Empty speech or unnecessary discussion: a lot of talk and no action.
c. Jargon or slang: prison talk.
7. Something, such as the sounds of animals, felt to resemble human talk: whale talk.

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