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Meaning of Tablet in English

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Tablet pronunciation in English

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see synonyms of tablet


1. tablet

a slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription

2. pad, pad of paper, tablet

a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge

3. tablet

a small flat compressed cake of some substance

Example Sentences:
'a tablet of soap'

4. lozenge, pill, tab, tablet

a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of tablet
a medicinal formulation made of a compressed powdered substance containing an active drug and excipients
a flattish cake of some substance, such as soap
3. Scottish
a sweet made of butter, sugar, and condensed milk, usually shaped in a flat oblong block
a slab of stone, wood, etc, esp one formerly used for inscriptions
a thinner rigid sheet, as of bark, ivory, etc, used for similar purposes
b. (often plural)
a set or pair of these fastened together, as in a book
a pad of writing paper
7. New Zealand
a token giving right of way to the driver of a train on a single line section
8. computing
a handheld personal computer that is operated by touchscreen or digital pen
9. computing
an input device that allows the user to draw or write freehand to screen by means of stylus or digital pen

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see synonyms of tablet
a thin, flat piece of stone, wood, metal, etc. shaped for a specific purpose
such a piece with an inscription, used as a memorial wall panel; plaque
a smooth, flat leaf made of wood, ivory, metal, etc. and used to write on
a set of such leaves fastened together
a writing or drawing pad consisting of sheets of paper glued together at one edge
a small, flat piece of solid or compressed material, as of medicine, soap, etc.

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see synonyms of tablet
1. A slab or plaque, as of stone or ivory, with a surface that is intended for or bears an inscription.
a. A thin sheet or leaf, used as a writing surface.
b. A set of such leaves fastened together, as in a book.
c. A pad of writing paper glued together along one edge.
d. A lightweight, portable computer having a touchscreen as the method by which data is input.
3. A small flat pellet of medication to be taken orally.
4. A small flat cake of a prepared substance, such as soap.
tr.v. tab·let·ed, tab·let·ing, tab·lets
1. To inscribe on a tablet.
2. To form into a tablet.

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