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1. feast of booths, feast of tabernacles, succos, succoth, sukkoth, tabernacles

a major Jewish festival beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri and commemorating the shelter of the Israelites during their 40 years in the wilderness

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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plural noun
Judaism an English name for Sukkoth

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see synonyms of tabernacles
1. often Tabernacle Bible The portable sanctuary in which the Jews housed the Ark of the Covenant during their years in the desert.
2. often Tabernacle A case or box on a church altar containing the consecrated host and wine of the Eucharist.
3. A place of worship.
4. A niche for a statue or relic.
5. Nautical A boxlike support in which the heel of a mast is stepped.

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