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Define Surmounted in English

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Meaning of Surmounted in English

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Surmounted pronunciation in English

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see synonyms of surmounted

1. surmounted

having something on top

Example Sentences:
'columns surmounted by statues'

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see synonyms of surmounted
verb (transitive)
to prevail over; overcome
to surmount tremendous difficulties
to ascend and cross to the opposite side of
to lie on top of or rise above
to put something on top of or above
5. obsolete
to surpass or exceed

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see synonyms of surmounted
verb transitive
1.  Obsolete
to surpass or exceed; go beyond
to get the better of; conquer; overcome
to be or lie at the top of; be or rise above
to climb up and across (a height, obstacle, etc.)
to place something above or on top of

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see synonyms of surmounted
tr.v. sur·mount·ed, sur·mount·ing, sur·mounts
1. To overcome (an obstacle, for example); triumph over.
2. To ascend to the top of; climb: surmount a hill.
a. To place something above; top: The lintel was surmounted with a frieze.
b. To be above or on top of: The church steeple surmounts the square.
4. Obsolete To surpass or exceed in amount.

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