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1. glibly, slickly

with superficial plausibility

Example Sentences:
'he talked glibly'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of slickly
flattering and glib
a slick salesman
adroitly devised or executed
a slick show
3. informal, mainly US and Canadian
shrewd; sly
4. informal
superficially attractive
a slick publication
5. mainly US and Canadian
smooth and glossy; slippery
a slippery area, esp a patch of oil floating on water
a chisel or other tool used for smoothing or polishing a surface
the tyre of a racing car that has worn treads
verb (transitive)
9. mainly US and Canadian
to make smooth or sleek
10. US and Canadian informal (usually foll by up)
to smarten or tidy (oneself)
11. (often foll by up)
to make smooth or glossy

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see synonyms of slickly
verb transitive
to make sleek, glossy, or smooth
2.  Informal
to make smart, neat, or tidy
usually with up
sleek; glossy; smooth
slippery; oily, as a surface
accomplished; adept; clever; ingenious
6.  Informal
clever in deception or trickery; deceptively plausible; smooth
a slick alibi
7.  Informal
having or showing skill in composition or technique but little depth or literary significance
a slick style of writing
8.  Slang, Obsolete
excellent, fine, enjoyable, attractive, etc.
9.  US
a smooth area on the surface of water, as resulting from a layer of oil
an oily layer on the surface of water
a slippery, oily area on the surface of a road
something used for smoothing and polishing, as any of various tools with broad, flat blades
11.  US, Informal
a magazine printed on paper with a glossy finish
see also pulp
smoothly, cleverly, deftly, easily, etc.

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see synonyms of slickly
adj. slick·er, slick·est
1. Smooth, glossy, and slippery: sidewalks slick with ice.
2. Deftly executed; adroit: "A jockey occasionally won a four-mile heat with a slick maneuver" (John Eisenberg).
3. Confident and effortlessly effective, especially in being persuasive: a slick political insider.
4. Superficially attractive or plausible but lacking depth or soundness: a slick writing style.
5. Slang Excellent; wonderful.
1. A smooth or slippery surface or area.
a. A floating film of oil.
b. A trail of floating material: a garbage slick.
3. An implement used to make a surface slick, especially a chisel used for smoothing and polishing.
4. Informal A magazine, usually of large popular readership, printed on high-quality glossy paper.
5. A smooth, treadless tire, often used for racing.
6. Slang An unarmed military aircraft, especially a helicopter.
tr.v. slicked, slick·ing, slicks
1. To make smooth, glossy, or oily.
2. Informal To make neat, trim, or tidy: slicked themselves up for the camera.

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