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1. aghast, appalled, dismayed, shocked

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of shocked
very upset; in a state of shock
Leaving their victim bruised and severely shocked, the gang drove off in a small, dark coloured car.
This was a nasty attack and the victim is still very shocked.
surprised and scandalized
Don't look so shocked.
He'll be shocked if you say that.

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see synonyms of shocked
1. A violent collision, impact, or explosion, or the force or movement resulting from this: The shock of the explosion blew out windows of every building on the street.
a. Something that suddenly causes emotional distress: The news of his death was a shock to all of us.
b. A sudden feeling of distress: The shock of the news has not yet worn off.
3. A massive, acute physiological reaction usually to physical trauma, infection, or allergy, characterized by a marked loss of blood pressure, resulting in a diminished blood flow to body tissues and a rapid heart rate.
4. The sensation and muscular spasm caused by an electric current passing through the body or a body part.
5. A sudden economic disturbance, such as a rise in the price of a commodity.
6. A shock absorber.
v. shocked, shock·ing, shocks
1. To surprise and disturb greatly: We were shocked by his admission of wrongdoing.
2. To induce a state of physical shock in (an animal or person).
a. To subject (an animal or person) to an electric shock.
b. To administer electric current to (a patient) to treat cardiac arrest or life-threatening arrhythmias.
c. To administer electroconvulsive therapy to (a patient).
To come into contact violently, as in battle; collide.
1. A number of sheaves of grain stacked upright in a field for drying.
2. A thick heavy mass: a shock of white hair.
tr.v. shocked, shock·ing, shocks
To gather (grain) into shocks.

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