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1. shakable, shakeable

capable of being weakened

Example Sentences:
'the crisis proved his confidence was shakable'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of shakeable
verbWord forms: shakes, shaking, shook or shaken (ˈʃeɪkən )
to move or cause to move up and down or back and forth with short quick movements; vibrate
to sway or totter or cause to sway or totter
to clasp or grasp (the hand) of (a person) in greeting, agreement, etc
he shook John by the hand
he shook John's hand
they shook and were friends
4.  shake hands
5.  shake on it
to bring or come to a specified condition by or as if by shaking
I shook free and ran
7. (transitive)
to wave or brandish
they shook their swords
8. (transitive; often foll by up)
to rouse, stir, or agitate
9. (transitive)
to shock, disturb, or upset
I was shaken by the news of her death
10. (transitive)
to undermine or weaken
the crisis shook my faith
to mix (dice) by rattling in a cup or the hand before throwing
12. (transitive) Australian archaic, slang
to steal
13. (transitive) US and Canadian informal
to escape from
can you shake that detective?
14. music
to perform a trill on (a note)
15. (intransitive) US informal
to fare or progress; happen as specified
how's it shaking?
16.  shake a leg
17.  shake in one's shoes
18.  shake one's head
19.  shake the dust from one's feet
the act or an instance of shaking
a tremor or vibration
22.  the shakes
23. informal
a very short period of time; jiffy
in half a shake
a shingle or clapboard made from a short log by splitting it radially
a fissure or crack in timber or rock
an instance of shaking dice before casting
27. music another word for trill1 (sense 1)
a dance, popular in the 1960s, in which the body is shaken convulsively in time to the beat
29.  an informal name for earthquake
30.  short for milkshake
31.  no great shakes

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see synonyms of shakeable
verb transitiveWord forms: shook, ˈshaken, ˈshaking
to cause to move up and down, back and forth, or from side to side with short, quick movements
to bring, force, mix, stir up, dislodge, rearrange, etc. by or as by abrupt, brisk movements
to shake a medicine before taking it
to scatter by short, quick movements of the container
to shake pepper on a steak
to clean, empty, or straighten by short, quick movements
often with out
to shake a rug
to cause to quiver or tremble
chills that shook his body
to cause to totter or become unsteady
to unnerve; disturb; upset
shaken by the news
to brandish; flourish; wave
to clasp (another's hand), as in greeting
8.  US, Informal
to get away from or rid of
to shake one's pursuers
9.  Music
verb intransitive
to move or be moved quickly and irregularly up and down, back and forth, or from side to side; vibrate
to tremble, quake, or quiver, as from cold or fear
to become unsteady; totter; reel
to clasp each other's hand, as in greeting
14.  Music
an act of shaking; back-and-forth movement
an unsteady or trembling movement; tremor
a natural split or fissure in rock or timber
a long shingle split from a log
19.  Informal
an earthquake
20.  US
21.  [pl.]; Informal
a convulsive trembling, as from disease, fear, alcoholism, etc.
, usually with the
22.  Informal
a very short time; moment
be back in a shake
23.  Informal
a particular kind of treatment; deal
to get a fair shake
24.  Music

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see synonyms of shakeable
v. shook (shk), shak·en (shākən), shak·ing, shakes
a. To cause to move from side to side or up and down with jerky movements: I shook the juice container.
b. To cause to tremble, vibrate, or rock: The earthquake shook the ground. The wind shook the barley.
c. To brandish or wave, especially in anger: shake one's fist.
a. To cause to lose stability or strength, as of conviction: a crisis that has shaken my deepest beliefs.
b. To disturb or agitate emotionally; upset or unnerve: She was shaken by the news of the disaster.
a. To remove or dislodge by jerky movements: shook the dust from the cushions.
b. To scatter or strew by jerky movements: shook the salt on the popcorn.
c. To get rid of or put an end to: could not shake the feeling that things would not work out; wanted to shake his habit of snacking.
d. To get away from (a pursuer): couldn't shake the man who was following us.
e. To bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking: "It is not easy to shake one's heart free of the impression" (John Middleton Murry).
4. To clasp (hands) in greeting or leave-taking or as a sign of agreement.
5. Music To trill (a note).
6. Games To rattle and mix (dice) before casting.
1. To move from side to side or up and down in short, irregular, often jerky movements: The trees shook in the wind.
2. To move something vigorously up and down or from side to side, as in mixing.
3. To tremble, as from cold or in anger.
4. To be unsteady; totter or waver.
5. Music To trill.
6. To shake hands: Let's shake on it.
1. The act of shaking: gave the bottle a shake.
2. A trembling or quivering movement.
3. Informal An earthquake.
a. A fissure in rock.
b. A crack in timber caused by wind or frost.
5. Informal A moment or instant: I'll do it in a shake.
6. Music A trill.
a. See milkshake.
b. A beverage in which the ingredients are mixed by shaking.
8. A rough shingle used to cover rustic buildings, such as barns: cedar shakes.
9. shakes Informal Uncontrollable trembling, as in a person who is cold, frightened, feverish, or ill. Often used with the: was suffering from a bad case of the shakes.
10. Informal A bargain or deal: getting a fair shake.

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