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1. rover, scouter

an adult member of the Boy Scouts movement

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see synonyms of scouter
a person, ship, or aircraft sent out to gain information
2. military
a person or unit despatched to reconnoitre the position of the enemy
3. sport
a person employed by a club to seek new players
the act or an instance of scouting
(esp at Oxford University) a college servant
Compare gyp3
6. obsolete
(in Britain) a patrolman of a motoring organization
7. informal
a fellow or companion
to examine or observe (anything) in order to obtain information
9. (tr; sometimes foll by out or up)
to seek
10. (intransitive)
to act as a scout for a sports club
11. (intr; foll by about or around)
to go in search (for)
to reject (a person or thing) with contempt
(sometimes not capital)
a boy or (in some countries) a girl who is a member of a worldwide movement (the Scout Association) founded as the Boy Scouts in England in 1908 by Lord Baden-Powell with the aim of developing character and responsibility
See also Air Scout, Girl Scout, Guide, Sea Scout, Venture Scout

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see synonyms of scouter
a soldier, ship, or plane sent to spy out the strength, movements, etc. of the enemy
2.  US
a person sent out to observe the tactics of an opponent, to search out new talent, etc.
a baseball scout
3.  [S-]
a member of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
the act of reconnoitering
5.  Slang
fellow; guy
verb transitive
to follow closely so as to spy upon
to look for; watch
to find or get by looking around
often with out, up
verb intransitive
to go out in search of information about the enemy; reconnoiter
to go in search of something; hunt
scout around for some firewood
11.  US
to work as a scout1 (sense 2)
verb transitive
to reject as absurd; flout; scoff at
verb intransitive
to scoff (at); jeer

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see synonyms of scouter
v. scout·ed, scout·ing, scouts
1. To spy on or explore carefully in order to obtain information; reconnoiter.
2. To observe and evaluate (a talented person), as for possible hiring.
1. To search as a scout: scout around for some gossip.
2. To search for talented people: scouts for a professional basketball team.
a. One that is dispatched from a main body to gather information, especially in preparation for military action.
b. The act of reconnoitering.
2. A watcher or sentinel.
3. One who is employed to discover and recruit talented persons, especially in the fields of sports and entertainment.
4. Sports One who is employed to observe and report on the strategies and players of rival teams.
5. often Scout
a. A member of the Boy Scouts.
b. A member of the Girl Scouts.
6. Informal An individual; a person: a good scout.
7. Chiefly British A student's male servant at Oxford University.

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