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1. bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yob, yobbo, yobo

a cruel and brutal fellow


2. raucous, rowdy

disturbing the public peace; loud and rough

Example Sentences:
'a raucous party'
'rowdy teenagers'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of rowdy
adjective -dier or -diest
tending to create noisy disturbances; rough, loud, or disorderly
a rowdy gang of football supporters
noun plural -dies
a person who behaves in a rough disorderly fashion

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nounWord forms: plural ˈrowdies
a person whose behavior is rough, quarrelsome, and disorderly; hoodlum
adjectiveWord forms: ˈrowdier or ˈrowdiest
having the nature of or characteristic of a rowdy; rough, quarrelsome, etc.

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adj. row·di·er, row·di·est
Disorderly; rough: rowdy teenagers; a rowdy beer party.
n. pl. row·dies
A rough, disorderly person.

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