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1. rotatable

capable of being rotated

Example Sentences:
'the theater had a rotatable stage'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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verb (rəʊˈteɪt )
to turn or cause to turn around an axis, line, or point; revolve or spin
to follow or cause to follow a set order or sequence
(of a position, presidency, etc) to pass in turn from one eligible party to each of the other eligible parties
(of staff) to replace or be replaced in turn
adjective (ˈrəʊteɪt )
5. botany
designating a corolla the united petals of which radiate from a central point like the spokes of a wheel

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see synonyms of rotatable
verb intransitive, verb transitiveWord forms: ˈroˌtated or ˈroˌtating
to turn around or cause to turn around a center point or axis; revolve
to go or cause to go in a regular and recurring succession of changes; take, or cause to take, turns
to rotate crops
shaped like a wheel, with radiating parts, as the corolla of some flowers

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v. ro·tat·ed, ro·tat·ing, ro·tates
1. To turn around on an axis or center. See Synonyms at turn.
2. To proceed in sequence; take turns or alternate: Interns will rotate through the various departments.
1. To cause to turn on an axis or center.
a. To plant or grow (crops) in a fixed order of succession.
b. To cause to alternate or proceed in sequence: The coach rotates her players frequently near the end of the game.
Having radiating parts; wheel-shaped.

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