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Meaning of Richness in English

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Richness pronunciation in English

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1. cornucopia, profuseness, profusion, richness

the property of being extremely abundant

Example Sentences:
'the profusion of detail'
'the idiomatic richness of English'

2. affluence, richness

abundant wealth

Example Sentences:
'they studied forerunners of richness or poverty'
'the richness all around unsettled him for he had expected to find poverty'

3. fullness, mellowness, richness

the property of a sensation that is rich and pleasing

Example Sentences:
'the music had a fullness that echoed through the hall'
'the cheap wine had no body, no mellowness'
'he was well aware of the richness of his own appearance'

4. richness

the quality of having high intrinsic value

Example Sentences:
'the richness of the mines and pastureland'
'the cut of her clothes and the richness of the fabric were distinctive'

5. fertility, prolificacy, rankness, richness

the property of producing abundantly and sustaining vigorous and luxuriant growth

Example Sentences:
'he praised the richness of the soil'
'weeds lovely in their rankness'

6. richness

a strong deep vividness of hue

Example Sentences:
'the fire-light gave a richness of coloring to that side of the room'

7. grandness, impressiveness, magnificence, richness

splendid or imposing in size or appearance

Example Sentences:
'the grandness of the architecture'
'impressed by the richness of the flora'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of richness
the state or quality of being rich
2. ecology
the number of individuals of a species in a given area

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see synonyms of richness
adj. rich·er, rich·est
1. Having great material wealth: He was so rich he didn't have to work.
a. Having great worth or value: a rich harvest.
b. Made of or containing valuable materials: rich cabinetry.
c. Magnificent; sumptuous: a rich banquet.
3. Abundant or productive, as:
a. Having an abundant supply: Meat is rich in protein.
b. Abounding in natural resources: a rich region.
c. Having many nutrients for plant growth; fertile: rich land.
d. Very productive and therefore financially profitable: rich seams of coal.
a. Containing a large amount of choice ingredients, such as butter, sugar, or eggs, and therefore unusually heavy or sweet: a rich dessert.
b. Strong in aroma or flavor: a rich coffee.
c. Containing a large proportion of fuel to air: a rich gas mixture.
a. Pleasantly full and mellow: a rich tenor voice.
b. Warm and strong in color: a rich brown velvet.
a. Highly varied: a museum showcasing a rich assortment of artworks.
b. Highly developed or complex: rich musical harmonies.
7. Informal Highly amusing, often for being absurd or preposterous.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
Wealthy people considered as a group. Often used with the: taxes paid by the very rich.

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