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1. inhibitory, repressing, repressive

restrictive of action

Example Sentences:
'a repressive regime'
'an overly strict and inhibiting discipline'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of repressing
verb (transitive)
to keep (feelings, etc) under control; suppress or restrain
to repress a desire
to put into a state of subjugation
to repress a people
3. psychoanalysis
to banish (thoughts and impulses that conflict with conventional standards of conduct) from one's conscious mind

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see synonyms of repressing
verb transitive
to keep down or hold back; restrain
to repress a sigh
to put down; subdue
to control so strictly or severely as to prevent the natural development or expression of
to repress a child
4.  Psychiatry
to force (ideas, impulses, etc. painful to the conscious mind) into the unconscious
to prevent (unconscious ideas, impulses, etc.) from reaching the level of consciousness
see also suppress

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see synonyms of repressing
v. re·pressed, re·press·ing, re·press·es
1. To hold back or prevent by an act of volition: couldn't repress a smirk.
a. To put down or subdue by force: repress a rebellion.
b. To end, limit, or restrain, as by intimidation or other action: repress a heresy; repress inflation.
3. Psychology To exclude (painful or disturbing memories, for example) automatically or unconsciously from the conscious mind.
4. Biology
a. To prevent (the transcription of a gene or the synthesis of a protein) by the combination of a protein with an operator gene.
b. To prevent or limit the synthesis of (a protein).
To take repressive action.

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