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1. recorder, recording equipment, recording machine

equipment for making records

2. record-keeper, recorder, registrar

someone responsible for keeping records

3. recorder

a barrister or solicitor who serves as part-time judge in towns or boroughs

4. fipple flute, fipple pipe, recorder, vertical flute

a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of recorder
a person who records, such as an official or historian
a thing that records, esp an apparatus that provides a permanent record of experiments, etc
3.  short for tape recorder
4. music
a wind instrument of the flute family, blown through a fipple in the mouth end, having a reedlike quality of tone. There are four usual sizes: bass, tenor, treble, and descant
(in England and Wales) a barrister or solicitor of at least ten years' standing appointed to sit as a part-time judge in the crown court

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see synonyms of recorder
a person who records; esp., an officer appointed or elected to keep records of deeds or other official papers
in some cities, a judge who has the same criminal jurisdiction as a police judge
a machine or device that records; esp., tape recorder
any of a group of wind instruments, with eight finger holes and a fipple in a straight tube with the mouthpiece at one end

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see synonyms of recorder
1. One, such as a tape recorder, that makes recordings or records.
2. Law
a. A public officer in charge of the records of instruments required to be registered, such as deeds.
b. A judge who has criminal jurisdiction in a city.
3. Music A flute with eight finger holes and a whistlelike mouthpiece.

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