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1. in return, reciprocally

(often followed by for') in exchange or in reciprocation

Example Sentences:
'gave up our seats on the plane and in return received several hundred dollars and seats on the next plane out'
'we get many benefits in return for our taxes'

2. mutually, reciprocally

in a mutual or shared manner

Example Sentences:
'the agreement was mutually satisfactory'
'the goals of the negotiators were not reciprocally exclusive'

3. inversely, reciprocally

in an inverse or contrary manner

Example Sentences:
'inversely related'
'wavelength and frequency are, of course, related reciprocally'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of reciprocally
of, relating to, or designating something given by each of two people, countries, etc, to the other; mutual
reciprocal friendship
reciprocal trade
given or done in return
a reciprocal favour
(of a pronoun) indicating that action is given and received by each subject; for example, each other in the sentence they started to shout at each other
4. mathematics
of or relating to a number or quantity divided into one
5. nautical
denoting a course or bearing that is 180° from the previous or assumed one
something that is reciprocal
7. Also called: inverse mathematics
a number or quantity that when multiplied by a given number or quantity gives a product of one
the reciprocal of 2 is 0.5

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see synonyms of reciprocally
done, felt, given, etc. in return
hoping for a reciprocal favor
present or existing on both sides; each to the other; mutual
to feel a reciprocal affection
corresponding but reversed or inverted
equivalent or interchangeable; corresponding or complementary
5.  Grammar
expressing mutual action or relation
“each other” is traditionally called a reciprocal pronoun
6.  Ancient Mathematics
of the reciprocals of quantities, or their relations
anything that has a reciprocal action on or relation to another; complement, counterpart, equivalent, etc.
8.  Ancient Mathematics
the quantity resulting from the division of 1 by the given quantity; quantity which multiplied by the given quantity equals 1 (Ex.: the reciprocal of 7 is 17, of 17 is 7)

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see synonyms of reciprocally
1. Done, given, felt, or owed in return: a reciprocal invitation to lunch.
2. Existing, experienced, or done on both sides: reciprocal agreements between nations; reciprocal admiration between friends.
3. Grammar Expressing mutual action or relationship. Used of some verbs and compound pronouns.
4. Mathematics Of or relating to the reciprocal of a quantity.
5. Physiology Of or relating to a neuromuscular phenomenon in which the excitation of one group of muscles is accompanied by the inhibition of another.
6. Genetics Of or designating a pair of crosses in which the male or female parent in one cross is of the same genotype or phenotype as the complementary female or male parent in the other cross.
1. Something that is reciprocal to something else.
2. Mathematics A number related to another in such a way that when multiplied together their product is 1. For example, the reciprocal of 7 is 1/7 ; the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2 .

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