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Meaning of Raising in English

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Raising pronunciation in English

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1. elevation, lift, raising

the event of something being raised upward

Example Sentences:
'an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon'
'a raising of the land resulting from volcanic activity'

2. nurture, raising, rearing

the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

3. breeding, bringing up, fosterage, fostering, nurture, raising, rearing, upbringing

helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

Example Sentences:
'they debated whether nature or nurture was more important'


4. raising

increasing in quantity or value

Example Sentences:
'a cost-raising increase in the basic wage rate'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of raising
transformational grammar
a rule that moves a constituent from an embedded clause into the main clause
See also subject-raising, negative-raising

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see synonyms of raising
v. raised, rais·ing, rais·es
1. To move to a higher position; elevate: raised the loads with a crane. See Synonyms at lift.
2. To set in an upright or erect position: raise a flagpole.
3. To erect or build: raise a new building.
4. To cause to arise, appear, or exist: The slap raised a welt.
5. To increase in size, quantity, or worth: raise an employee's salary.
6. To increase in intensity, degree, strength, or pitch: raised his voice.
7. To improve in rank or dignity; promote: raised her to management level.
a. To grow, especially in quantity; cultivate: raise corn and soybeans.
b. To breed and care for to maturity: raise cattle.
c. To bring up; rear: raise children.
d. To accustom to something from an early age: "a post-World War II generation raised on shopping malls and multiplex cinemas" (Gustav Niebuhr).
9. To put forward for consideration: raised an important question. See Synonyms at broach1.
10. To voice; utter: raise a shout.
a. To awaken; arouse: noise that would raise the dead.
b. To stir up; instigate: raise a revolt.
c. To bring about; provoke: remarks intended to raise a laugh.
12. To make contact with by radio: couldn't raise the control tower after midnight.
13. To gather together; collect: raise money from the neighbors for a charity.
14. To cause (dough) to puff up.
15. To end (a siege) by withdrawing troops or forcing the enemy troops to withdraw.
16. To remove or withdraw (an order).
17. Games
a. To increase (a poker bet).
b. To bet more than (a preceding bettor in poker).
c. To increase the bid of (one's bridge partner).
18. Nautical To bring into sight by approaching nearer: raised the Cape.
19. To alter and increase fraudulently the written value of (a check, for example).
20. To cough up (phlegm).
21. Scots To make angry; enrage.
To increase a poker bet or a bridge bid.
1. The act of raising or increasing.
2. An increase in salary.

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