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1. radiating

diverging from a common point

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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verb (ˈreɪdɪˌeɪt )
1. Also: eradiate
to emit (heat, light, or some other form of radiation) or (of heat, light, etc) to be emitted as radiation
2. (intransitive)
(of lines, beams, etc) to spread out from a centre or be arranged in a radial pattern
3. (transitive)
(of a person) to show (happiness, health, etc) to a great degree
adjective (ˈreɪdɪɪt , -ˌeɪt)
having rays; radiating
(of a capitulum) consisting of ray florets
(of animals or their parts) showing radial symmetry
adorned or decorated with rays
a radiate head on a coin

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verb intransitiveWord forms: ˈradiˌated or ˈradiˌating
to send out rays of heat, light, etc.; be radiant
to come forth or spread out in rays
heat radiating from a stove
to branch out in lines from a center
highways radiating from a city
verb transitive
to send out (heat, light, etc.) in rays
to give forth or spread (happiness, love, etc.) as if from a center
having rays or raylike parts; radial
7.  Botany
having ray flowers or florets
8.  Zoology
having radial symmetry, as a jellyfish

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see synonyms of radiating
v. ra·di·at·ed, ra·di·at·ing, ra·di·ates
1. To send out rays or waves.
2. To issue or emerge in rays or waves: Heat radiated from the stove.
3. To extend in straight lines from or toward a center; diverge or converge like rays: Spokes radiate from a wheel hub.
4. To spread into new habitats and thereby diverge or diversify. Used of a group of organisms.
1. To emit (light or energy) in rays or waves.
2. To send or spread out from or as if from a center: a cactus that radiates spines.
3. To irradiate or illuminate (an object).
4. To manifest in a glowing manner: a leader who radiates confidence.
adj. (-ĭt)
1. Botany Having rays or raylike parts, as in the flower heads of daisies.
2. Biology Characterized by radial symmetry.
3. Surrounded with rays: a radiate head on a coin.

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