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1. questioningly, wonderingly

in a curious and questioning manner

Example Sentences:
'they turned their heads questioningly, as if awaiting further instructions'

2. questioningly, quizzically

in a quizzical and questioning manner

Example Sentences:
'they looked quizzically at the doctor'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of questioningly
proceeding from or characterized by a feeling of doubt or uncertainty
enthusiastic or eager for philosophical or other investigations; intellectually stimulated
an alert and questioning mind

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see synonyms of questioningly
A sentence, phrase, or gesture that seeks information through a reply.
a. A subject or point that is under discussion or open to controversy: the question of whether a new school should be built.
b. A matter of concern or difficulty; a problem: This is not a question of too little money.
a. A proposition brought up for consideration by an assembly.
b. The act of bringing a proposal to vote.
4. Law An issue in dispute for the resolution of a court.
5. Uncertainty; doubt: There is no question about the validity of the enterprise. Her integrity is beyond question.
v. ques·tioned, ques·tion·ing, ques·tions
a. To ask a question or questions of (someone).
b. To interrogate (a suspect, for example). See Synonyms at ask.
2. To pose a question or questions regarding (something); analyze or examine: researchers questioning which of the methods will work.
3. To express doubt about; dispute: questioned his sincerity; questioned the expense report.
To ask questions.

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