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Quarterback pronunciation in English

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1. field general, quarterback, signal caller

(football) the person who plays quarterback

2. field general, quarterback, signal caller

(American football) the position of the football player in the backfield who directs the offensive play of his team

Example Sentences:
'quarterback is the most important position on the team'


3. quarterback

play the quarterback

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of quarterback
noun US and Canadian
a player in American or Canadian football, positioned usually behind the centre, who directs attacking play

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see synonyms of quarterback
1.  American Football
an offensive back who calls the play, takes the ball from the center, and then passes, hands off, etc.
verb transitive, verb intransitive
to act as quarterback for (a team)
to direct or lead; manage

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see synonyms of quarterback
n. Abbr. QB
The offensive backfield player whose position is behind the line of scrimmage and who usually calls the signals for the plays and receives the ball when snapped.
v. quar·ter·backed, quar·ter·back·ing, quar·ter·backs
1. Football To direct the offense of.
2. Slang To lead or direct the operations of: "needed someone to quarterback the [brain trust] for the first U.S. ICBM program" (Forbes).
To play quarterback.

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