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1. amount, measure, quantity

how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify

2. quantity

an adequate or large amount

Example Sentences:
'he had a quantity of ammunition'

3. quantity

the concept that something has a magnitude and can be represented in mathematical expressions by a constant or a variable

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of quantity
noun plural -ties
a specified or definite amount, weight, number, etc
(as modifier)
a quantity estimate
the aspect or property of anything that can be measured, weighed, counted, etc
a large or considerable amount
4. mathematics
an entity having a magnitude that may be denoted by a numerical expression
5. physics
a specified magnitude or amount; the product of a number and a unit
6. logic
the characteristic of a proposition dependent on whether it is a universal or particular statement, considering all or only part of a class
7. prosody
the relative duration of a syllable or the vowel in it

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see synonyms of quantity
nounWord forms: plural ˈquantities
an amount; portion
any indeterminate bulk, weight, or number
the exact amount of a particular thing
4.  [also pl.]
a great amount or number
to buy a commodity in quantity
that property of anything which can be determined by measurement
6.  Logic
that characteristic of a proposition according to which it is classified as universal or particular
7.  Ancient Mathematics
a thing that has the property of being measurable in dimensions, amounts, etc. or in extensions of these which can be expressed in numbers or symbols
a number or symbol expressing a mathematical quantity
8.  Phonetics and Prosody
the relative length, or duration, of a vowel, continuant consonant, or syllable

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see synonyms of quantity
n. pl. quan·ti·ties
a. A specified or indefinite number or amount: shipped a large quantity of books; sells quantities of paper to publishers.
b. A considerable amount or number: sells drugs wholesale and in quantity.
c. An exact amount or number: the quantity of material recycled in a month.
2. The measurable or countable property or aspect of things: Arithmetic deals with quantity.
3. Mathematics Something that serves as the object of an operation.
a. Linguistics The relative amount of time needed to pronounce a vowel, consonant, or syllable.
b. The duration of a syllable in quantitative verse.
5. Logic The exact character of a proposition in reference to its universality, singularity, or particularity.

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