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1. quantise, quantize

approximate (a signal varying continuously in amplitude) by one whose amplitude is restricted to a prescribed set of discrete values

2. quantise, quantize

apply quantum theory to; restrict the number of possible values of (a quantity) or states of (a physical entity or system) so that certain variables can assume only certain discrete magnitudes that are integral multiples of a common factor

Example Sentences:
'Quantize gravity'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of quantise
verb (transitive)
1. physics
to restrict (a physical quantity) to one of a set of values characterized by quantum numbers
2. mathematics
to limit (a variable) to values that are integral multiples of a basic unit

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see synonyms of quantise
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈquanˌtized or ˈquanˌtizing
1.  Ancient Mathematics
to express in multiples of a basic unit
a.  Physics
to limit (an observable quantity) to multiples of some small, indivisible unit, as a quantum
to express in terms of the quantum theory

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