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1. limiting, modification, qualifying

the grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase

2. pass, passing, qualifying

success in satisfying a test or requirement

Example Sentences:
'his future depended on his passing that test'
'he got a pass in introductory chemistry'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of qualifying
1. sport
(of a contest, competition, etc) played in order to decide which person or team will progress to the final stages; preliminary
a World Cup qualifying match
(of a statement) containing extra detail or explanation (which makes a prior statement less strong or less general)
But there was a qualifying clause: ' … unless one of the parties makes an appeal'.
See also qualifying exam

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see synonyms of qualifying
v. qual·i·fied, qual·i·fy·ing, qual·i·fies
a. To make competent or eligible for an office, position, or task: Your experience qualifies you for this job.
b. To declare competent or capable, as to practice a profession; certify: This diploma qualifies you to teach in public schools.
c. To render deserving of a descriptor by having or enumerating certain necessary characteristics: Do the student's ongoing difficulties in class qualify his situation as a medical problem?
a. To modify, limit, or restrict, as by listing exceptions or reservations: I would qualify my praise of his enthusiasm with a warning about rashness.
b. To make less harsh or severe; moderate: I qualified my criticism to avoid offending anyone. See Synonyms at moderate.
3. Grammar To modify the meaning of (a noun, for example).
1. To be or become qualified: The performance qualifies as one of the best I've ever seen.
2. To reach the later stages of a selection process or contest by competing successfully in earlier rounds.

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