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1. pour

cause to run

Example Sentences:
'pour water over the floor'

2. pour, pullulate, stream, swarm, teem

move in large numbers

Example Sentences:
'people were pouring out of the theater'
'beggars pullulated in the plaza'

3. decant, pour, pour out

pour out

Example Sentences:
'the sommelier decanted the wines'

4. pour

flow in a spurt

Example Sentences:
'Water poured all over the floor'

5. pour

supply in large amounts or quantities

Example Sentences:
'We poured money into the education of our children'

6. pelt, pour, rain buckets, rain cats and dogs, stream

rain heavily

Example Sentences:
'Put on your rain coat-- it's pouring outside!'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of pour
to flow or cause to flow in a stream
2. (transitive)
to issue, emit, etc, in a profuse way
3. Also: pour with rain (intransitive; often foll by down)
to rain heavily
it's pouring down outside
4. (intransitive)
to move together in large numbers; swarm
5. (intransitive)
to serve tea, coffee, etc
shall I pour?
6.  it never rains but it pours
7.  pour cold water on
8.  pour oil on troubled waters
a pouring, downpour, etc

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see synonyms of pour
verb transitive
to cause to flow in a continuous stream
to emit, discharge, supply, utter, etc. profusely or steadily
verb intransitive
to flow freely, continuously, or copiously
to rain heavily
to rush in a crowd; swarm
6.  US
to serve as a hostess at a reception or the like by pouring the tea, coffee, etc. for the guests
an act of pouring
a heavy rain or downpour

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


see synonyms of pour
v. poured, pour·ing, pours
a. To cause (a liquid or granular solid) to stream or flow, as from a container: poured tea from the pot into the cup.
b. To pour a liquid or particles into (a container): poured a glass of milk.
c. To empty (a container) of a liquid or granular solid: poured a bucket of sand on the ground.
2. To send forth, produce, express, or utter copiously, as if in a stream or flood: poured money into the project; poured out my inner thoughts.
1. To stream or flow continuously or profusely: Water poured over the dam.
2. To rain hard or heavily: It has been pouring for an hour.
3. To pass or proceed in large numbers or quantity: Students poured into the auditorium.
4. To serve a beverage, such as tea or coffee, to a gathering: We need someone to pour.
A pouring or flowing forth, especially a downpour of rain.

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