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1. chenopodium album, lamb's-quarters, pigweed, wild spinach

common weedy European plant introduced into North America; often used as a potherb

2. amaranthus hypochondriacus, pigweed

leaves sometimes used as potherbs; seeds used as cereal; southern United States to Central America; India and China

3. lamb's-quarter, pigweed, wild spinach

leaves collected from the wild

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. Also called: redroot
any of several coarse North American amaranthaceous weeds of the genus Amaranthus, esp A. retroflexus, having hairy leaves and green flowers
2.  a US name for fat hen

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1.  US
any of several coarse weeds (genus Amaranthus) of the amaranth family, with dense, bristly clusters of small green flowers
any of several goosefoots, esp. lamb's-quarters

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1. See goosefoot.
2. See amaranth.

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