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1. pegasus

(Greek mythology) the immortal winged horse that sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa; was tamed by Bellerophon with the help of a bridle given him by Athena; as the flying horse of the Muses it is a symbol of highflying imagination

2. pegasus

a constellation in the northern hemisphere near Andromeda and Pisces

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see synonyms of pegasus
Greek mythology
an immortal winged horse, which sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa and enabled Bellerophon to achieve many great deeds as his rider
nounWord forms: Latin genitive Pegasi (ˈpɛɡəˌsaɪ )
a constellation in the N hemisphere lying close to Andromeda and Pisces

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see synonyms of pegasus
1.  Greek Mythology
a winged horse which springs from the body of Medusa at her death
a large N constellation between Andromeda and Pisces

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see synonyms of pegasus
1. Greek Mythology A winged horse that with a stroke of his hoof caused the fountain Hippocrene to spring forth from Mount Helicon.
2. A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Aquarius and Andromeda.

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