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1. park, parkland

a large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property

Example Sentences:
'there are laws that protect the wildlife in this park'

2. common, commons, green, park

a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area

Example Sentences:
'they went for a walk in the park'

3. ballpark, park

a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)

Example Sentences:
'take me out to the ballpark'

4. mungo park, park

Scottish explorer in Africa (1771-1806)

5. car park, park, parking area, parking lot

a lot where cars are parked

6. park

a gear position that acts as a parking brake

Example Sentences:
'the put the car in park and got out'


7. park

place temporarily

Example Sentences:
'park the car in the yard'
'park the children with the in-laws'
'park your bag in this locker'

8. park

maneuver a vehicle into a parking space

Example Sentences:
'Park the car in front of the library'
'Can you park right here?'

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see synonyms of park
Mungo (ˈmʌŋɡəʊ). 1771–1806, Scottish explorer. He led two expeditions (1795–97; 1805–06) to trace the course of the Niger in Africa. He was drowned during the second expedition
Nick, full name Nicholas Wulstan Park. born 1958, British animator and film director; his films include A Grand Day Out (1992), which introduced the characters Wallace and Gromit, and the feature-length Chicken Run (2000)
Chung Hee (ˈtʃʊŋ ˈhiː). 1917–79, South Korean politician; president of the Republic of Korea (1963–79); assassinated
a large area of land preserved in a natural state for recreational use by the public
See also national park
a piece of open land in a town with public amenities
3. New Zealand
an area, esp of mountain country, reserved for recreational purposes
a large area of land forming a private estate
5. English law
an enclosed tract of land where wild beasts are protected, acquired by a subject by royal grant or prescription
Compare forest (sense 5)
an area designed and landscaped to accommodate a group of related enterprises, businesses, research establishments, etc
science park
7. US and Canadian amusement park
8. US, Canadian and New Zealand car park
9. US and Canadian
a playing field or sports stadium
10.  the park
a gear selector position on the automatic transmission of a motor vehicle that acts as a parking brake
the area in which the equipment and supplies of a military formation are assembled
a high valley surrounded by mountains in the western US
to stop and leave (a vehicle) temporarily
to manoeuvre (a motor vehicle) into a space for it to be left
try to park without hitting the kerb
16. stock exchange
to register (securities) in the name of another or of nominees in order to conceal their real ownership
17. (transitive) informal
to leave or put somewhere
park yourself in front of the fire
18. (intransitive) military
to arrange equipment in a park
19. (transitive)
to enclose in or as a park

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see synonyms of park
ˈMungo (ˈmʌŋgoʊ ) ; muŋˈgō) 1771-1806; Scot. explorer in Africa
1.  English; Obsolete
an enclosed area of land, held by royal grant or prescription, stocked and preserved for hunting
an area of land containing pasture, woods, lakes, etc., surrounding a large country house
an area of public land
; specif.,
an area in or near a city, usually laid out with walks, drives, playgrounds, etc., for public recreation
an open square in a city, with benches, trees, etc.
a large area known for its natural scenery and preserved for public recreation by a state or national government
5.  US and West
a level, open area surrounded by mountains or forest
that arrangement of bands, clutches, etc. in an automatic transmission that disengages and locks the drive wheels of a motor vehicle
parking lot
an area set aside for a particular commercial use
; specif.,
amusement park
industrial park
9.  Military
an area for storing and servicing vehicles and other equipment
verb transitive
to enclose in or as in a park
to store (military equipment) in a park
12.  US
to leave (a vehicle) in a place temporarily
13.  US
to maneuver (a vehicle) into a space where it can be left temporarily
14.  US, Informal
to leave in a particular place; deposit
15.  Finance
to transfer (securities) temporarily, as to conceal ownership
verb intransitive
to park a vehicle

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see synonyms of park
1. An area of land set aside for public use, as:
a. A piece of land with few or no buildings within or adjoining a town, maintained for recreational and ornamental purposes.
b. A landscaped city square.
c. A large tract of rural land kept in its natural state and usually reserved for the enjoyment and recreation of visitors.
2. A broad, fairly level valley between mountain ranges: the high parks of the Rocky Mountains.
3. A tract of land attached to a country house, especially when including extensive gardens, woods, pastures, or a game preserve.
4. Sports A stadium or an enclosed playing field: a baseball park.
a. An area where military vehicles or artillery are stored and serviced.
b. The materiel kept in such an area.
6. An area in or near a town designed and usually zoned for a certain purpose: a commercial park.
7. A position in an automatic transmission that disengages the gears and sets the brake so the vehicle cannot move: put the car in park and turned off the engine.
v. parked, park·ing, parks
1. To put or leave (a vehicle) for a time in a certain location.
2. Aerospace To place (a spacecraft or satellite) in a usually temporary orbit.
3. Informal To place or leave temporarily: parked the baby with neighbors; parking cash in a local bank account.
4. To assemble (artillery or other equipment) in a military park.
1. To park a motor vehicle: pulled over and parked next to the curb.
2. Slang To engage in kissing and caressing in a vehicle stopped in a secluded spot.
British explorer in Africa known for his expeditions on the Niger River (1795-1797 and 1805-1806).

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