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1. canoeist, paddler

someone paddling a canoe

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see synonyms of paddler
a short light oar with a flat blade at one or both ends, used without a rowlock to propel a canoe or small boat
2. Also called: float
a blade of a water wheel or paddle wheel
a period of paddling
to go for a paddle upstream
a paddle wheel used to propel a boat
(as modifier)
a paddle steamer
the sliding panel in a lock or sluicegate that regulates the level or flow of water
any of various instruments shaped like a paddle and used for beating, mixing, etc
a table-tennis bat
the flattened limb of a seal, turtle, or similar aquatic animal, specialized for swimming
to propel (a canoe, small boat, etc) with a paddle
10.  paddle one's own canoe
11. (transitive)
to convey by paddling
we paddled him to the shore
12. (transitive)
to stir or mix with or as if with a paddle
to row (a boat) steadily, esp (of a racing crew) to row firmly but not at full pressure
14. (intransitive)
(of steamships) to be propelled by paddle wheels
15. (intransitive)
to swim with short rapid strokes, like a dog
16. (transitive) US and Canadian informal
to spank
verb (mainly intr)
to walk or play barefoot in shallow water, mud, etc
to dabble the fingers, hands, or feet in water
to walk unsteadily, like a baby
4. (transitive) archaic
to fondle with the fingers
the act of paddling in water

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see synonyms of paddler
a relatively short pole with a broad blade at one end or sometimes both ends, held in the hands and used to propel and steer a canoe, kayak, etc.
see also oar
any of various implements shaped like this
; specif.,
a metal tool for stirring iron in a furnace
a small, flat, wooden instrument for working butter, stirring clay, etc.
c.  US
a flat stick used for beating clothes in washing them by hand, as in a stream
a flat, wooden stick for administering punishment by beating
e.  US
a flat, rounded piece of wood with a short handle, used to hit a ball, as in table tennis
any of the propelling boards in a water wheel or paddle wheel
verb intransitiveWord forms: ˈpaddled or ˈpaddling
to propel a canoe, etc. by means of a paddle
verb transitive
to propel (a canoe, etc.) by means of a paddle or paddles
to punish by beating as with a paddle; spank
to stir, work, etc. with a paddle
verb intransitiveWord forms: ˈpaddled or ˈpaddling
to move the hands or feet about in the water, as in playing; dabble
to walk like a small child; toddle
3.  Archaic
to play idly with the fingers (on, in, etc.)

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see synonyms of paddler
1. An implement with a flat blade at one or both ends, held in the hands without an oarlock and passed through the water to propel a small boat such as a canoe.
2. Any of various implements resembling the paddle of a boat or canoe, as:
a. Sports A light wooden or plastic racket used in playing table tennis, platform tennis, and similar games.
b. A flat board with a handle used to administer physical punishment.
c. A blade or shovellike implement used for stirring or mixing.
3. Medicine A flat electrode that is part of a defibrillator and is put on a patient's chest to deliver an electric shock to the heart.
4. A board on a paddle wheel.
5. A flipper or flattened appendage of certain animals.
6. Botany See pad1.
7. The act of paddling.
v. pad·dled, pad·dling, pad·dles
1. Nautical
a. To propel a watercraft with paddles or a paddle.
b. To row slowly and gently.
2. To move through water by means of repeated short strokes of the limbs.
1. Nautical
a. To propel (a watercraft) with paddles or a paddle.
b. To convey in a watercraft propelled by paddles.
2. To spank or beat with a paddle, especially as a punishment.
3. To stir or shape (material) with a paddle.

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