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1. ordovician, ordovician period

from 500 million to 425 million years ago; conodonts and ostracods and algae and seaweeds

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of, denoting, or formed in the second period of the Palaeozoic era, between the Cambrian and Silurian periods, which lasted for 45 000 000 years during which marine invertebrates flourished
2.  the Ordovician

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[sometimes o-]
designating or of the second geologic period of the Paleozoic Era, characterized by the development of abundant marine invertebrates and the first vertebrates

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see synonyms of ordovician
Of, relating to, or being the period of geologic time from about 488 to 444 million years ago, the second period of the Paleozoic Era. It is characterized by a major increase in marine biodiversity and the appearance of the supercontinent Gondwana. Some evidence suggests that the first land plants appeared at this time. See Table at geologic time.
The Ordovician Period.

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