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1. objectively

with objectivity

Example Sentences:
'we must look at the facts objectively'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of objectively
existing independently of perception or an individual's conceptions
are there objective moral values?
undistorted by emotion or personal bias
of or relating to actual and external phenomena as opposed to thoughts, feelings, etc
4. medicine
(of disease symptoms) perceptible to persons other than the individual affected
5. grammar
denoting a case of nouns and pronouns, esp in languages having only two cases, that is used to identify the direct object of a finite verb or preposition and for various other purposes. In English the objective case of pronouns is also used in many elliptical constructions (as in Poor me! Who, him?), as the subject of a gerund (as in It was me helping him), informally as a predicate complement (as in It's me), and in nonstandard use as part of a compound subject (as in John, Larry, and me went fishing)
See also accusative
of, or relating to a goal or aim
the object of one's endeavours; goal; aim
8. Also called: objective point military
a place or position towards which forces are directed
an actual phenomenon; reality
10. grammar
the objective case
a word or speech element in the objective case
11. Also called: object glass optics
the lens or combination of lenses nearest to the object in an optical instrument
the lens or combination of lenses forming the image in a camera or projector

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see synonyms of objectively
of or having to do with a known or perceived object as distinguished from something existing only in the mind of the subject, or person thinking
being, or regarded as being, independent of the mind; real; actual
determined by and emphasizing the features and characteristics of the object, or thing dealt with, rather than the thoughts and feelings of the artist, writer, or speaker
an objective painting or description
without bias or prejudice; detached
being the aim or goal
an objective point
6.  US
designating a kind of test, as a multiple-choice or true-false test, that minimizes subjective factors in answering and grading
7.  Grammar
designating or of the case of an object of a transitive verb or preposition
8.  Medicine
designating or of a symptom or condition perceptible to others besides the patient
anything external to or independent of the mind; something objective; reality
something aimed at or striven for
11.  Grammar
the objective case
a word in this case
12.  Optics
the lens or lenses nearest to the object observed, as in a microscope or telescope, that serve to focus light to form the image of the object

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see synonyms of objectively
a. Existing independent of or external to the mind; actual or real: objective reality.
b. Based on observable phenomena; empirical: objective facts.
2. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic. See Synonyms at fair1.
3. Medicine Relating to or being an indicator of disease, such as a physical sign, laboratory test, or x-ray, that can be observed or verified by someone other than the person being evaluated.
4. Grammar
a. Of, relating to, or being the case of a noun or pronoun that serves as the object of a verb.
b. Of or relating to a noun or pronoun used in this case.
1. Something worked toward or striven for; a goal. See Synonyms at intention.
2. A thing or group of things existing independent of the mind.
3. Grammar
a. The objective case.
b. A noun or pronoun in the objective case.
4. The primary optical element, such as a lens or mirror, in a microscope, camera, telescope, or other optical instrument, that first receives light rays from the object and forms the image. Also called object glass, objective lens, object lens.

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